The Best Heat Tech Clothes To Stay Worm Outside


Whether you’re based in New York or Ireland or Norway, staying warm outside during the winter months needs more than a conventional jacket. Even with layer upon layer of t-shirts, pullovers and jackets, you can experience a bitter and uncomfortable cold. Wearing that many clothes brings with it a certain level of impracticality, too.

That’s where heat tech clothes come in. Heat tech clothes have grown in sophistication over the years, retaining more heat along the way. They have also become lighter, thereby becoming more pragmatic and practical. Heat tech clothes do very in cost, but these advantages are, for many, worth every cent.

1. Ravean Heated Jacket

Of the major brands of heat tech clothes, Ravean is up there with the very best.

When we talk about practicality, that’s exactly what Ravean heated jacket provides. As they state on their website, the jacket is ideal for “any season, any environment”. This includes mild and moderate weather, to extreme cold, wind, and rain. The jacket is lightweight, comes with temperature control and is 100% washable.

What about cost?

Their heated jacket comes in for just $199. While this may seem expensive, it’s worth considering the advantages we’ve sketched out above – particularly given how ordinary jackets, with only a brand name to their credit, are often considerably more expensive.

In this regard, Ravean remains one of the best heat tech clothes on the market today; a product that delivers what it sets out to achieve, yet one that doesn’t break the bank.

best heat teach clothes


Heated Jacket Battery Combo

Comes with Removable Hood

2. Blazewear GT6 Performance Heated Glove

Like Revean, a popular and affordable means to acquire heat tech clothes, Blazewear is yet another quality example to consider. Their heated gloves are among the highest rated on the market today; a testament to their enduring quality and heat-retentive powers.

That being said, these heated gloves do come in at quite a considerable cost – at $179.99. However, it’s worth considering the technology that Blazewear use.  

In their words, they “take heated gloves to the next level”. In real terms, this means using the very latest composite fiber heating wires; technology that wraps itself through the crevices of the fingers, as well as the fingertips, too.

The design, too, is exceptional. It is both comfortable and stylish; often a rare blend of features for performance heated gloves. In all, though, the Blazewear gloves deserve a thorough mention – not only for their heat-retentive powers, but also because of their enduring style, appeal and comfort.

best heat teach clothes


GT6 Performance Heated Glove

Using lightweight 1800mAh capacity lithium polymer batteries and the latest composite fiber heating wire, the gloves provide up to 131F heating

3. Milwaukee Black Heated Jacket Kit

When it comes to the “best” heat tech clothes, it would be remiss of us not to mention the Milwaukee brand; a brand that has remained at the forefront of heat-retentive clothes for well over the past decade.

Though heat tech clothes are used by just about everyone, they also form a reserve for those who need to work outdoors. The hazardous conditions of the northeast United States during winter is one such example. Clothes with long-term, heat-retentive powers are becoming more in demand for employees obliged to work outdoors.

The Milwaukee heated jacket provides heat protection for an outstanding 8 hours. It comes with three settings – low, medium and high – and its Toughshell exterior provides stern protection against the most robust wind and water forces.

It remains one of the most durable heat tech jackets on the market today, currently going for a modest sum of $281.

best heat teach clothes


Black Heated Jacket Kit

5 carbon fiber heating elements Two distinct heat zones (back and chest, lower pockets) can be adjusted independently