Soylent Review: Is This Meal Replacement Your Key To Weight Loss?


We’ve all been there – preparing 101 things during the day, so much so, that it impacts on our ability to prepare healthy meals. It has become easier than ever to snack, not just at home but also on the go, too. That’s where Soylent comes in; a product that provides 20 percent of your daily caloric needs alongside a wealth of essential nutrients.

Soylent comes in three different forms: drink, café and powder – each of which is designed with simplicity and health in mind. The monthly price for 12 bottles averages between $30 and $40 – a modest sum that works out at just over $2.50 per bottle. As stated on their website, Soylent is a “ready-to-drink meal” that, for all intents and purposes, lives up to expectations, both for taste and health reasons.

Soylent Pros

Soylent comes with a wide variety of diverse advantages. These include:

  • Soylent lets you take in 400 calories, vitamins, and minerals in a matter of minutes.
  • Their products last for up to 1 year and don’t require refrigeration.
  • The bottles with which the product is contained is recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • By taking this product, it helps you avoid snacking and other unhealthy food habits.

Soylent Cons

Though Soylent comes with many advantages, it also comes with some downsides. These disadvantages include:

  • Not organic. The product itself is not composed of entirely organic ingredients. This may prove a problem given how popular organic substitutes have lately become.
  • By taking Soylent, it avoids the underlying problem of why you cannot find time to prepare food from natural sources.
soylent review


Meal Replacement

Soylent Drink provides 20% of your daily nutritional requirements and 400 kcal. in each 14 oz. bottle.

Does Soylent Work?

In the words of Soylent, they offer what they call “engineered nutrition.” Their aim is two-fold: avoid hunger during our busy lives and to maximize nutrition during those difficult periods. The purpose of Soylent is, then, to offer a convenient and satisfying alternative to unmitigated snacking and reliance on poor health choices.

In that respect, Soylent works very well. It avoids the need to snack by providing 400 calories in each bottle. 400 calories is approximately 20 percent of the recommended daily allowance. The product has been independently verified as having this number of calories. But what about the vitamin and mineral profile?

Though Soylent admits that they are not an entirely “organic” product, their products do contain the necessary sources of vitamins and minerals. Their principle ingredients are all plant-based, meaning the product is ideal for vegans, too. Whether it’s from soy protein, sunflower oil, isomaltulose or micronutrients, Soylent contains everything you need.

How Does Soylent Work?

To answer the question of whether Soylent works, we need to think about how it achieves its stated aims.

One of those aims is to alleviate hunger. They achieve this by incorporating 37g of carbohydrates, 21g of lipids and 20g of protein. This combination, particularly from the high protein sources, results in a satisfactory feeling of fullness.

Let’s now review the principle ingredients in each Soylent drink.

  • Soy protein – soy protein is a healthy, plant-based source of protein. Vegetarians and vegans often use soy as a replacement from protein sourced from meat. Soy protein comes with an excellent amino acid profile.
  • Sunflower oil – this type of oil is renowned for containing healthy monounsaturated fats. It does not contain harmful trans fats, though.
  • Isomaltulose – this is a “slow-metabolizing disaccharide” that sustains the body, over a long period, with the sugar and energy the body needs.
  • Vitamins and minerals – each bottle contains one-fifth of essential micronutrients.

In this regard, Soylent is a product that not only achieves its stated aims but does so in a way that remains a viable, healthy alternative to conventional snacking means.

soylent review


Meal Replacement

Soylent Drink provides 20% of your daily nutritional requirements and 400 kcal. in each 14 oz. bottle.