Neo-Metric Coupon and Discount

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Neo-Metric Overview
Drug Name: Neo-Metric
Brand Name(s): Metrogel-Vaginal, Flagyl, Nidagel and Vandazole
Generic Name(s): metronidazole
Drug Class: Topical anti-rosacea agents, vaginal anti-infectives
Treats: Acne Rosacea, Bacterial Vaginosis

Neo Metric is an antibiotic that treats females suffering from the vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis. Neo Metric is generically available as metronidazole and belongs to the class of medication known as Topical anti-rosacea agents, vaginal anti-infectives. Neo Metric has various brand names such as Metrogel-Vaginal, Flagyl, Nidagel, and Vandazole. It acts by preventing the bacterial growth as well as killing the bacteria.

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  • Neo-Metric Uses

    Neo Metric, metronidazole antibiotic handles the bacterial infections in women and also Acne and Rosacea. It treats the vaginal infections such as the bacterial vaginosis. Vaginal infections in women bring about the skin rash and severe itchiness that frequently and unexpectedly occur. Due to the itchiness, incidences of minor infections around the vagina results and becomes painful during urination. In addition, these minor infections give way to other vaginal yeast and fungus infection if not taken under the correct measures. Neo Metric addresses this condition. It acts by preventing the bacterial growth as well as killing the bacteria.

    • Bacterial Infections
    • Acne
  • Neo-Metric Dosage

    Below is the necessary dose used by many doctors to give Neo Metric to their patients. However, depending on one's medical history and condition, a doctor may prescribe a different regimen. You shouldn't start or stop taking the drugs or even change the prescribed dose unless directed by your physician. The recommended Neo Metric adult dosage is as below Acne Rosacea

    • Metronidazole topical 1% cream or gel: Apply a thin film of Neo Metric to the affected part once per day.
    • Metronidazole topical 0.75%* cream, gel, or lotion: Apply a thin film of Neo Metric to the affected part twice per day.

    Bacterial Vaginosis

    • Insert one metronidazole topical 0.75%* vaginal gel applicatorful intravaginally once at bedtime or twice in a day for five consecutive days.
  • Neo-Metric Side Effects

    Neo Metric medication may have its unwanted common, infrequent and rare side effects. Any unlikely situation you might experience, immediately seek medical attention. The more common side effects are:

    • itching in the vagina
    • pain during sexual intercourse
    • thick, white vaginal discharge with no odor or with a mild odor

    Less common side effects are:

    • abdominal or stomach cramping or pain
    • burning on urination
    • need to urinate more often
    • burning or irritation of penis of your sexual partner
    • itching, stinging, or redness of your genital area
    • diarrhea
    • dizziness or lightheadedness
    • dryness of the mouth
    • feeling of a furry tongue
    • headache, loss of appetite
    • metallic taste, change in taste sensation
    • nausea, vomiting
  • Neo-Metric Interactions

    There are possible medicine interactions with Neo Metric. Don't start or stop using the drug or even change the prescribed dosage without consulting your doctor. A few of drugs that cause severe interactions with Neo Metric include: