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Apremilast Overview
Drug Name: Apremilast
Brand Name(s): Otezla
Drug Class: Phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Treats: Psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis

The drug Apremilast is an oral medication and a generic medicine. The common brand name for Apremilast is Otezla. This medicine is a small molecule inhibitor that specifically inhibits PDE4 or phosphodiesterase 4. Apremilast medicine specifically inhibits the spontaneous production of TNF-alpha from human rheumatoid synovial cells. It belongs to a class of medicines known as phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Apremilast has anti-inflammatory properties.

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  • Apremilast Uses

    Apremilast use is indicated for the treatment of a certain kind of arthritis known as psoriatic arthritis. Doctors also prescribe Apremilast use for the treatment of a skin condition referred to as plaque psoriasis. It treats moderate to severe cases of this condition. Apremilast works by reducing the swelling, inflammation and Pan. It also helps by improving the flexibility of the affected joints. When used to treat psoriasis, Apremilast reduces the scaling, swelling, thickening and redness of the affected area. Doctors may prescribe Apremilast use for other purposes not mentioned in this medical guide.

    • Psoriatic Arthritis
    • Plaque Psoriasis
  • Apremilast Dosage

    Patients taking Apremilast medicine should take it orally. It is important to take this medicine exactly as prescribed by a doctor. Patients are advised to read the medical guide or instruction pamphlet that comes with the Apremilast. This medicine should not be crushed, chewed or split but swallowed whole. Apremilast dosage is determined by the prescribing doctor based on factors such as the condition being treated, patient's medical history, weight, age and severity of the symptoms. The following is the recommended Apremilast dose: For treating psoriatic arthritis in adults:

    • 10 mg taken once per day on the first, third and fifth days:
    • 10 mg taken twice per day on 2nd and 4th days
    • 30 mg per day from day 6 and thereafter

    For the treatment of psoriasis:

    • Day 1 - 10 mg in the AM; Day 2, 10 mg in the AM and 10 mg in the PM
    • Day 3, 10 mg in the AM, 20 mg in the PM; Day 4 20 mg in the AM and 20 mg in the PM
  • Apremilast Side Effects

    Patients taking Apremilast medicine are likely to experience some if its side effects. Not all patients will experience all the same side effects, and some may suffer severe or moderate side effects. Many others experience none or mild side effects. Some of the Apremilast side effects include the following;

    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
    • Nasopharyngitis
    • Headaches
    • Nausea
    • Upper abdominal Pan

    Serious side effects or allergic actions should be reported immediately to the doctor or the nearest health facility for immediate medical attention.

  • Apremilast Interactions

    Drug interactions can affect the way a drug or medicine works in the body and can result in serious side effects or an allergic reaction. Drug interactions may also render the drug ineffective. It is important that patients list down all the medicines and other products they may be currently taking such as off-the-counter drugs, nutritional and health supplements and all others. The doctor will use this list to check for any possible drug interactions. Common Apremilast interactions are checked against the following medicines and products: