Atropine Coupon and Discount

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Atropine Overview
Drug Name: Atropine
Drug Class: anticholinergics
Treats: Heart conditions, controls body organ secretions, controls production of saliva

Atropine is a drug that is used to help reduce the production of saliva in the mouth prior to surgery. It also treats spasms that occur in the intestines, stomach and other organs. Atropine can be used to counter the effects of specific medications. Additionally, this drug also aids in controlling the secretions of numerous organs in the body, including saliva. During heart surgery, Atropine is used to maintain the heart's function and can also be used to treat certain heart conditions. This drug works by blocking the action of a chemical called acetylcholine.

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  • Atropine Uses

    Atropine reduces the production of saliva in the mouth by reducing secretions made by the body's organs. This is helpful during surgery, to keep patients from choking on their own saliva. Atropine can also keep your heart rate stable in emergency situations. Atropine inhibits smooth muscles and glands to suppress secretion. It can also be used to stimulate or depress the central nervous system, hence its use in heart conditions.

    • Heart conditions
    • Reduces secretion of various organs
    • Surgical uses
    • Counteracts other medicines
  • Atropine Dosage

    Dosage of atropine varies widely based on the individual and condition being treated. Atropine is primarily given as an intravenous infusion, so your medical professional will administer and monitor the drug. Usually, you will be given between 0.5-1 mg of atropine.

  • Atropine Side Effects

    Like any other drug, atropine comes with its collection of side effects. Large doses of atropine can cause toxic effects. Your medical professional will monitor you closely while on atropine to ensure that the risk of toxic effects is kept to a minimum. Below you will find some of the side effects of atropine.

    • Dilated pupils
    • Feeling bloated
    • Headaches
    • Nervousness
    • Flushing
    • Insomnia
    • Fever
    • Loss of libido
    • Loss of taste
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Drowsiness
    • Vomiting
    • Pain at injection site
    • Fatigue
    • Skin rashes
    • Hot and dry skin
    • Increased thirst
    • Inability to sit still
    • Restlessness
    • Difficulty breathing and swallowing
  • Atropine Interactions

    Like any drug, Atropine may interact with other drugs and substances. You should consult your doctor before beginning any medication, including any over the counter drugs. Below you will find a list of drugs that may interact with atropine. Note that not all possible interactions are listed,