The 3 Best Running Shoes For Your Buck


Whether you’ve been a runner for a long time or you’ve just decided to take it up, it’s important to find the right running shoe for you. A myriad of factors can influence the type of shoe you may buy.

If you have higher or lower arches than average, you’ll need a shoe that fits the contours of your foot properly. If you plan to run over uneven terrain, you’ll need a different shoe to someone who plans to run on the road or sidewalk.

Another thing to consider is the price. If you’re an experienced runner, you probably want to spend a little more on your shoes and you’ll likely know what you’re looking for. Most people just starting out simply want a good quality shoe that fits well and won’t break the bank. If this is you, then you’ve come to the right place.

1. Adidas Performance Supernova Glide 8 Women

The Adidas Performance Supernova Glide 8's for women are one of the brand’s biggest sellers this year and I can see why. It has a comfortable fit with great support for the heels and arches. It comes in a variety of bright colors like light blue, purple and hot pink as well as both white and black for those who like to keep things monochrome.

These running shoes are perfect for those who are looking for something that is very light, breathable and instantly comfortable. They’re most suitable for use on the road and are very durable so can handle long distance running easily. They come in a wide width as well so plenty of opportunities to find your perfect fit.

You can pick up a pair of these from $54.81 from Amazon, although the price varies based on the color and size. An ideal shoe if you want something by a big brand that’s colorful and high quality but with a low price tag.

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Performance Supernova Glide 8 Women

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2. Saucony Guide 8 Women

The Saucony Guide 8 running shoe for women is a big best seller for the brand due to its comfortability and very low price tag. It is the perfect shoe if you’re just getting into running and you want something affordable and comfortable with good support and shock absorption.

These runners have excellent grip so are great for running on slippery roads or during wet weather. The arch support is quite firm so they’re good for people who like a firmer and more secure feeling shoe. They’re ideal for shorter runs and gym workouts, but reportedly their lifespan isn’t as long as the slightly more expensive Adidas and Nike models.

You can pick up a pair from Amazon from only $34.49, again this price varies based on the color and size you choose.

Best cheap Running Shoes


Guide 8 Women

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3. Nike Lunarglide 8 Women

The Nike Lunarglide 8 running shoe an extremely lightweight and well-cushioned shoe. It is very breathable, comfortable and supportive. This shoe would be ideal for those who want something that can handle everything from sprinting and gym workouts to long distance running in inclement weather.

This shoe is a great buy as it has all the technology of a top-end shoe in its lightness and support but doesn’t carry a top-end price tag. The shoe provides a good amount of cushioning upon impact, which is great for those who find running a bit hard on the knees.

The only real issue with this shoe is that it doesn’t come in a wide fit so if you have wider feet, the Adidas or Saucony runners would be a better buy.

These usually retail for around $120 but – depending on size and color – you can grab yourself a pair from Amazon for as little $49.95.

Best cheap Running Shoes


Lunarglide 8 Women

Lunarglide 8 Women