The 3 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Office Party


The year is coming to a close. What a hectic time it’s been; the early meetings, the errands, not to mention the data backup. You’re happy that Christmas is setting in; at least you can have some time to relax and spend some quality with your family.

But, before you break for the short holiday, you want to hold an office party to mingle with your workers casually. You want to hand them gifts too; after all, the party could be the most intimate setting you’ll ever be in with your colleagues.

But, there’s one problem, you don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the best gift items. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. These gifts should get the job done.

Knock Knock Self-Therapy Note Pad

The office can be a stressing place. The deadlines, coming up with marketing strategies that work and a nagging boss can tell toll on an employee with time. This self-therapy note pad by Knock Knock could be the gift you workmate needs to help him/her keep up with the demands of the workplace.

It is a reminder that no one is perfect and that we all succumb to pressure at times. It features check boxes that your colleague can use to bring out his inner child when he/she is anxious or depressed. One prompt reads “How do you feel?” immediately followed by “How do you really feel?” The pad seeks to help ease the user’s worry.

You workmates will love pinning the sheets on their desks especially the witty ones. One reads “I love you today because?”

Knock Knock

Self-Therapy Note Pad

The perfect gift for friends and family who aren't perfect


Your office receptionist could make do with one of these Moodycards funny office gifts. It offers a clever way to greet customers, clients, and guests with humor. The cards are also an excellent way to start a conversation.They feature hilarious pictures of dogs that communicate what the receptionist doesn’t have the nerves to say.

The best part is, the images come with appropriate messages to match a particular mood depending on the situation. Each pack comes with 20 cards making it easy to find one that fits the current state of affairs.

To cut to the chase, the Moodycards Funny Office cards offer an inexpensive way to ease tension in the office. It is also a thoughtful Christmas gift to let your colleagues know that you care about them. What a perfect way to end the year!



Best Christmas Gifts For Your Office Party


Great Cubicle Accessories

Put a smile on their face the moment they walk in through the door

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Office

There is that one workmate who likes to sip a few cups of coffee every day. How about getting them this coffee warmer to make their day at the office more cheerful. It is innovative and compact, so your colleague can tote it anywhere. Plus, it has a relatively long power cord to increase the conveniences. The Mr. Coffee mug warmer is easy to clean too. A simple wipe with a clean cloth with get rid of dirt and spills.

This unit is versatile too and can accommodate different mug sizes. The on/off switch reduces the risk of accidents when the warmer is in use. The usability and function of this mug warmer are on another level. Get it for the coffee aficionado or tea lover this Christmas, and he/she will thank you many months to come.



Best Christmas Gifts For Your Office Party

Mr. Coffee

Mug Warmer

Easy to tote and take anywhere