BarkBox Review & Coupon


What is BarkBox?

BarkBox is an online-based subscription service that allows members to receive surprises for their dogs on a monthly basis. The treats consist of all-natural goodies, toys and hygiene products.

The service is designed to take care of dogs of all sizes from puppies to medium sized adults and larger breeds such as Great Danes. BarkBox customizes your subscription to be in line with your dog's particular needs and size. And, the company ensures that you don't know what to expect each month so each delivery will always be a surprise.

All the edible items in BarkBox are passed through a rigorous testing process and are sourced directly from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South America. And, to ensure that they are safe for your canine friend, the edibles are not processed with formaldehyde. BarkBox was founded and is based in New York, New York. They have been in production since 2011.

If you're an animal lover, then you appreciate that surprising your dog with treats now and then goes a long way in creating trust and obedience and, most importantly, improving the bond between you and your pet. That said, you won't always get the time to go looking for treats and surprises for your dog. Besides, you may run out of ideas on what to buy your canine friend month after month.

BarkBox's goal is to save you the hassle of finding new toys and treats for your dog. The company seeks to ensure that you surprise your dog every month and that every occasion is unique. BarkBox understands that as your dog grows, its preferences change and thus you need to show love differently each time you give it a treat.

Additionally, the company knows that some canines have allergies and have a special-allergy option for them. In short, BarkBox is all about helping keep your canine happy and loyal through its endless surprise packages.


A monthly delivery of dog toys and treats for as low as $19 a month

Is BarkBox Worth It?

According to research treats are invaluable when training your dog. About 90% of dogs are motivated by food, making it the most effective reward to offer. Additionally, gifts make the canines loyal and obedient.

Dogs, particularly in the early stages of life, need something to focus their attention, to keep them busy, and to improve their mental and physical skills. Toys and treats offer a perfect combination to prevent your dog from chewing on furniture and other valuables or digging in the yard.

There's enough evidence to show that the concept behind BarkBox works. And, the company has taken it a step further to ensure that the treats and toys match your canine's size and age. That way, you're sure that your dog will appreciate the package. That said, is BarkBox worth it? Yes, after all, many users are happy with what the package has to offer. Will BarkBox work for your dog? Yes, dogs love treats and toys, and your canine is no different.

BarkBox will send you a curated collection of dog treats, toys and accessories each month to amuse your canine friend. The whole process is easy to follow and understand. All you have to do is choose your dog's size, select the length of your subscription and wait for your BarkBox to arrive. You will receive a tailor made box based on the size of your dog. Bark boxes come in different selections as outlined below. barkbox review

What You Get:

Every time you order a BarkBox, you received four to six items customized for your dog.

  • All natural, healthy treats
  • Super fun dogs toys
  • Hygiene products
  • Pup powered gadgets

Apart from this formula, every BarkBox remains a mystery, and that’s what makes the whole process fun and worth looking forward to. In conclusion, if you're one of the millions of dog owners who would want to keep their best friend happy and motivated, then BarkBox will not feel much of an extravagance. BarkBox makes it easy to get a wide variety of toys and treats for your dog without spending hours at the pet store. BarkBox review and coupon


  • The BarkBox monthly surprises are customized toward your dog's specific needs and often include useful items
  • Most users say the value offered by BarkBox packages exceeds the price of the monthly subscription
  • Your dog doesn't have to miss out on the fun because it is allergic to certain food items
  • Free shipping


  • BarkBox does not have packages for cats and other common pets
  • Even though BarkBox customizes the packages to match your dog's size and needs, the items might not be appealing to your dog every time. However, it is worth noting that most pet owners say that every monthly subscription is a welcome surprise.

How Much Does BarkBox Cost?

BarkBox is available in three plans as illustrated below:

  • Month to month subscription will cost your $29 every month
  • A 90-day subscription will cost you $24 per month (saves you 17%)
  • A 6-month subscription will cost you $19 per month (saves you 34%)

To get started, select your dog’s size. BarkBox offers boxes for dogs that are 0-20 pounds, 20-50 pounds or 50 plus pounds. All plans are available at the same price regardless of your dog’s size. All plans are billed automatically and come with free shipping through USPS. Each BarkBox surprise is sent on the 15th of every month. You are free to cancel your subscription anytime. If there is a defective item in your package, you can send the box back for a replacement or refund.

How Does BarkBox Compare To Competitors?

Even though there are many monthly different subscription boxes for dogs on the market, BarkBox remains one of the most sought after boxes. It is also recommended by most veterinarians primarily because it provides toys and treats from trusted vendors. A couple of things set BarkBox apart from its competitors, including the following.

  • Scout's Honor Guarantee: promises that if your dog doesn’t like any surprise in the box, you can get a replacement at no cost.
  • Avoids processing whenever possible: BarkBox edibles use wheat-free, soy-free, corn-free, filler-free and even organic items.
  • Allows you to get more of your favorite items: If your dog likes a particular surprise you can reorder it from the BarkShop.
  • BarkBox gives your pup the chance to become an online sensation because it encourages customers to post pictures of their canine enjoying the treats and toys on PuppyFeed

Based on the increasing number of satisfied customer and the company’s commitment to offering quality and well thought out surprises, BarkBox continues to be a top subscription box.


A monthly delivery of dog toys and treats for as low as $19 a month