The Best Smelling Candles Under $20


Candles can instantly create a relaxing ambience and set the tone for your space. Whether you are looking to add a decorative touch, or create a different type of environment, candles can assist you in achieving just that. But, finding quality candles at an affordable price can be tricky. Often times with less expensive candles comes a sharp drop in quality in terms of appearance and scent. After pouring through affordable candles, I've narrowed the list down to just three. Here are a few of the best smelling candles under twenty dollars that not only look great, but are also eco-friendly. 

1. Mrs. Meyer

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Mrs. Meyer's

Merge Clean Day Scented Soy Candle

Mrs. Meyer's soy candles are highly rated by customers on google and amazon, and boast a thirty five hour burn time.

They come packaged in very attracted, reusable glass jars with lids included. The ingredients vary based on scent, but they use a vegetable soy base, a mix of natural essential oils and some synthetic ingredients that they note are safe.

They also guarantee that their candles are free of phthalates, paraffin, and lead. Popular scents include basil, lavender, lemon verbena, geranium, sunflower and rosemary.

These candles can be purchased from,, or directly from their site Their small candle is 4.9 ounces, and can be purchased as an add on item at for $6.29, while on the small candle can be purchased for $6.99.

Their large candle is 7.2 ounces and can be purchased for $9.99 on their site, and as an add on item from for $8.99.

2. Hazel Candle Company

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Hazel Candle Company

Lavender Scented Candle

Hazel Candle Company is a California based company that sells through Etsy. They note that their candles are hand poured, eco friendly, soy based, and come in a reusable, recycled glass jar. The candle itself is 7.5 ounces and the jar is 8 ounces.

This candle is priced at $15 and can be ordered through the site. In terms of scent you can find lavender, linen sunwashed, citrus gardenia, lilac, and paradise. These candles are unique in that you can actually see the natural ingredients they use to make the candles.

For instance, there are actually small pieces of lavender in the lavender scented candle, so even when it's not burning, it still smells great. When you order these candles, you are able to select either gold, silver or black for your jar lid cover.

Overall, this company has a five star rating in terms of quality, customer service and product satisfaction.

3. Soy Candle

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Sawyer Candle Co

Bergamot and Tobacco Soy Candle

Sawyer Candle Co is an Indiana based company that ships throughout the United States. Their candles can be purchased on, or their company site

They hand pour their candles, use soy as their base, and package their candles in recycled and reusable materials.

They note that their candles are non-toxic, and biodegradable. These candles come in glass jars that can be selected based on the amount of burn time you are looking for.

The smallest candle is 6 ounces, is noted to burn for 30 hours, and costs $12. This price is the same on both their site and etsy's site. Some of their most popular scents are bergamot and tobacco, mint and mango tea, blood orange and ginger, and black currant.

These candles have earned a five star rating on, and I can definitely see why.