The Best Tools to Plow the Snow


Winter is coming, and you’d better start preparing early. Be sure to keep yourself dry, buy the best winter jacket, drive only when necessary and most importantly get the correct snow removal tools.

You see, removing snow from your walkways, roof, or driveway can be difficult more so if you don’t have the proper cleanup equipment. Shopping for the best tools to plow the snow isn’t easy either, particularly if you have no clue where to start.

That said, there's a host of equipment to help you avoid being snowed in when winter strikes. To set the ball rolling, we explore the top three options.


1. SnoBrum Snow Removal Tool

If you’re on a tight budget, this snow removal kit by SnoBrum will get the job done. It could very well be the best choice to remove snow around dry vents or hot tub covers. The kit features a polyethylene foam head that allows you to push snow without scratching or damaging surfaces.

Its telescoping handle not only increases functionality but also enables you to scrape ice from hard to reach areas. Besides, you can extend the handle from 27 inches to 46 inches as per your needs.  The foam head measures 17 inches by 6 inches, making this a perfect tool for removing snow across the width of your car’s windshield.

It may also catch your attention to know that the SnoBrum snow removal tool is freeze resistantt, further giving you an assurance of its durability.

The Best Tools to Plow the Snow


Snow Removal Tool

Telescoping handle extends from 27-inches to 46-inches for plenty of reach.

2. EasyGo Four Wheeled Snow Plow

This snow plow is an excellent alternative if the SnoBrum Kit isn’t enough to handle your needs. It comes with a hard wearing shovel head to move a significant amount of snow effortlessly. You can even adjust the height to a perfect fit to reduce operator fatigue. If you have a weak back, this is units presents arguably one of the easiest ways to remove snow.

Even though the EasyGo snow plow looks relatively big, you can easily fold the steel frame to save some storage space. Those who’ve used this equipment hail its efficiency, more so when clearing snow from the walkway, driveway or sidewalk.

The EasyGo plow is easy to assemble too - just lock in the bolts and you’ll be ready to remove snow in minutes. Plus, you can always refer to the user manual if you’re stuck with the assembly.

The Best Tools to Plow the Snow


Snow Plow

Move large amounts of snow in minimal time with ease.

3. Snow Joe Ultra Electric Snow Thrower

This thrower by Snow Joe fits the bill if you’re looking for a quicker way to remove snow from mid-to large sized walkways and driveways. It combines power and five-star performance thanks to the 15-amp motor that can move a remarkable 720 pounds of snow per minute.

Meanwhile, its heavy duty, four-blade rotor, chops swaths of snow measuring 18 inches by 10 inches with every pass. If you’re a green energy enthusiast, the Snow Joe thrower is for you. It doesn’t use any gas or oil, neither does it require maintenance – talk of a fuss-free way to remove snow!

This snow thrower is easy to operate too. It features smooth-glide wheels for effortless turns and maneuvers. Moreover, you can adjust the discharge chute throw snow in the direction that you want. One more thing; the scraper blade clears the surface without damaging your pavement or deck.

The Best Tools to Plow the Snow

Snow Joe

Electric Snow Thrower

Powerful 15-amp motor moves up to 720 lbs of snow per minute