BodyBoss Review


With our busy daily lives, it can be challenging to find the time for exercise. How many of us dream up convenient excuses? That’s what BodyBoss has attempted to fix. BodyBoss is a 12-week program that allows you to shift those unwanted pounds. Their mission, they say, is to help you “take charge” of your fitness and its place in your life.

Each week requires three bouts of exercise per week, each lasting just 24 minutes. It includes exercises such as bodyweight resistance exercise, jumping exercises, cardio and unilateral exercises. With what they call the “boss effect,” these high-intensity exercises are intended to burn calories for hours after you’ve finished each session.

The 12-week program, online edition, currently costs $49.50. Their print edition is on sale for the slightly higher price of $65.90.

BodyBoss Pros

BodyBoss comes with innumerable advantages. These benefits include:

  • BodyBoss allows you to lose weight at a time and place of your choosing. There is no gym equipment required, for example.
  • In comparison to gym subscriptions, equipment, and dietary programs, BodyBoss is an affordable means to help shift those unwanted pounds.

BodyBoss Cons

Though BodyBoss comes with many advantages, it also has several downsides. These disadvantages include:

  • Each person needs to learn the exercise techniques themselves. This can be difficult for those with little exercise experience or may prove hazardous to some people who improperly implement the exercise.
  • Like every dietary and exercise program, it can be difficult to maintain motivation. This program requires, after all, a 12-week – or 3-month – effort.
bodyboss review


12-Week Program

24 mins, 3x per week is all it takes.

Does BodyBoss Work?

Like every exercise program, results depend on your own individual circumstances. For example, eating too much or more than advised will have a negative impact on results. Performing exercise does not offer an excuse to eat more. To the contrary, best results with BodyBoss are seen in those who appropriately moderate their diet.

The 12-week program is subdivided into weekly schedules. Each weekly schedule is subdivided further into three 24-minute sessions. These are intense 24-minute sessions, said by BodyBoss to encourage “afterburn” – the process where the body continues to burn calories even after cessation of the exercise itself.

With these factors in mind, yes, BodyBoss works. As we have learned, its effectiveness depends on your diet, your ability to rigidly adhere to each weekly schedule and your ability to correctly perform the exercises itself. With everything in check, BodyBoss is an excellent homemade weight loss opportunity. 

How Does BodyBoss Work?

Like every other exercise program, the purpose of BodyBoss remains the same – to encourage exercise, bodily movement and the expenditure of energy. However, the exact process by which BodyBoss works is slightly different.

After all, there are numerous ways to perform an exercise. The focus on BodyBoss is to encourage HIIT – high-intensity interval training. In plain speaking, this means an intense exercise in a relatively short period. That is why they prescribe three intervals of 24 minutes exercise in one week – 24 minutes of intense exercise, that is.

The exercises themselves are relatively simple to perform. This “unique combination” of exercises includes:

  • Body weight resistance exercises
  • Plyometrics – jumping exercises
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Unilateral exercise

Each 24-minute session is devised with “afterburn” in mind. Afterburn refers to caloric burning after the exercise session has concluded. This means you can lose weight even while you sleep. BodyBoss, if correctly adhered to, can help you shift weight in a seamless manner.

With the right motivation and the right effort, BodyBoss can have a transformative impact.

bodyboss review


12-Week Program

24 mins, 3x per week is all it takes.