Eyelash Growth Hacks That Will Save You Hundreds


Getting full, beautiful lashes may be easier than you think. Nowadays, many people shell out a ton of money on eyelash related products in hopes of achieving that full lash look. There are falsies, lash extensions, eyelash growth serums, and lots of other quick fixes. The problem with these temporary tricks is just that; they're temporary.

Below we'll take a peek at a few easy, affordable ways to grow your lashes out so you can say goodbye to your falsies. Be sure to check with your doctor or dermatologist before you start experimenting, as the eye area can be more sensitive to new products. Let the lash growth begin!

Coconut Oil

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Viva Naturals

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has long been praised as the catch-all treatment for many ailments.

With antibacterial and antifungal properties, it seems like coconut oil can do it all. Coconut oil may come in handy if you have sparse lashes, and if your skin and hair tend to be on the dry side.

When it comes to improving your lashes, apply a small amount of coconut oil to your lash line prior to heading to bed. It may be easier if you melt a small amount so it goes on more fluidly.

Coconut oil has been noted to boost lash growth, hydrate existing lashes and improve the appearance of the delicate skin around the eyes.

Coconut oil can be found at almost any local grocery store, online, and sometimes at farmer's markets. Because this product is going on your face, make sure that you check the ingredients and nix any products with artificial additives.

Viva Naturals sells their product on Amazon for under ten dollars, and it's organic, unrefined and cold pressed.

Olive Oil

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Olive Oil

Olive oil is readily found, ultra hydrating and relatively inexpensive when it comes to beauty products. 

Olive oil is noted for being incredibly nourishing when it comes to lash care. 

At night, use a cotton swab or ball to soak up a little bit of the olive oil and gently apply to your lashes and lash line.

Applying olive oil to your lashes may also help prevent them from breaking off and looking shorter. 

Costco sells a two liter bottle of olive oil that can be used for cooking and lash care, and costs about twenty dollars.

If you do choose to use this for cooking as well, be sure to put some olive oil aside just for your beauty routine, so you can avoid cross contamination. 

Mason jars work really well for olive oil storage.

Castor Oil

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Pure Acre Farms

Castor Oil

Castor oil has been praised for its hair growth boosting abilities with many people not only applying it to their lash line, but also to their hairline and eyebrows. 

When applying castor oil, be mindful that any direct contact with the eyes may cause irritation, so apply little by little and be sure to exercise caution when doing so. 

Pure Acre Farms sells castor oil on amazon for $10.99 that comes in a bottle that makes lash and eyebrow application a breeze. It also comes with a dropper, lash brushes and eyebrow application tools. 

Many people report seeing fuller, thicker, and darker lashes with the use of castor oil in as little time as a week. 

Although you can apply daily, many folks just do so two to three times a week and achieve similar results.