Flat Tummy Tea Review & Coupon


Flat Tummy Tea is an herbal detox tea* marketed as having the ability to cleanse your system, enhance metabolism, increase energy levels and reduce bloating. The tea promises to help your body lose water weight and by extension enable you to shed a few extra pounds of fat.

While you have heard or read of detox teas and the like, Flat Tummy Tea takes a different approach. Unlike most products in its class, this tea targets people aged between 20 to 30 years who are likely to be looking for ways to stay slim without necessarily hitting the gym or spending lots of money. The Flat Tummy Tea is primarily meant for use by women.

What Can Flat Tummy Tea Do For Me?

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Flat Tummy

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The approach the makers of this tea have used to appeal to the market seems to be paying off. Since its formation, the Australian based company has attracted a massive following of more than half a million on Twitter by promising to help young, hip women to get back on track by keeping bloating at bay.

Flat Tummy Tea Instructions

The goal of Flat Tummy Tea is to support your metabolism, detoxify your intestinal tract, and reduce your water weight. Ultimately, the tea seeks to help you get an even flatter tummy. While you're using Flat Tummy Tea, you'll need to do the following as well.

  • Reduce your intake of vegetables such as cabbage, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli since they are rich in sugars and starches that can cause bloating.
  • Add extra fiber to your diet so that you can reduce the buildup in your intestines that cause bloating
  • Stay motivated in your quest to reduce bloating and detox your system. Flat Tummy Tea encourages you to take photos of your progress so that you can be motivated to achieve your goals. In fact, you're urged to share your 'before and after' pictures on social media as a way of helping others stay motivated.
  • Encourage you to eat smaller portions and wait for about 20 minutes before deciding on whether you'll eat more
  • Reduce your beverage intake - Flat Tummy Tea asks users to keep drinking to a minimum and drink water instead of beverages or soft drinks

Does It Work?

flat tummy tea review

There is enough evidence to show that the active ingredients in Flat Tummy Tea work to give the expected results. Repeated research shows that when used on a regular basis ingredients like dandelion, Scrophularia, galium apocrine, Camellia Sinensis (green tea), Melissa officinalis (lemon balm), rhubarb and carum carvi (caraway) can provide the benefits promised by the makers of Flat Tummy Tea.

Other studies show that glycyrrhiza glabrate (licorice) and Mentha piperita (peppermint) can significantly reduce body fat. Besides, there is enough evidence that and Foeniculum vulgare (fennel) and senna leaves can reduce constipation.

Even though there is little evidence to show that Flat Tummy Tea 'cleanses' the body, the senna leaves, fennel, and peppermint in the tea have properties that offer a mild laxative effect to slim your tummy temporarily as a result of lost water weight. All the scientific evidence out there suggests that the composition of Flat Tummy Tea can help detox your body, reduce bloating and increase energy levels.

Flat Tummy Tea Use

For the best results, the makers of Flat Tummy Tea say that you should drink one 'Active AM' cup of your detox tea in the morning with breakfast. The Active cup helps prepare your digestive tract for the day ahead. The cup contains ten different ingredients including metabolism boosters and antioxidants that work by getting your digestive system 'an all natural high'.

You will then drink a 'Cleanse PM' cup every other night before bed during the first week and every third night before bed thereafter. The Cleanse cup will detoxify your intestinal tract and get rid of toxins deposits while reducing water weight. This cup includes seven natural ingredients used in traditional medicine to cleanse the body and gives you a slimmer appearance.

When making either tea, it is recommended that you place one teaspoon of the loose detox tea in your strainer before infusing it with a cup of water for five to seven minutes if you're making an Active AM cup and three to five minutes for a Cleanse PM cup. Be sure to remove the strainer before drinking.

Once your body is accustomed to the effects of the tea, you may consider infusing the tea for a longer period. Flat Tummy Tea promises that the ingredients in both teas are mild and will not have you running to the bathroom frequently, unlike other laxative or detox teas.

Pros Of Flat Tummy Tea

flat tummy tea review
  • Flat Tummy Tea cleanses the system and helps in weight loss
  • Improves metabolism and burns fat
  • Helps you deal with your cravings, thus leading to a flat tummy
  • Flat Tummy Tea can be used by almost everyone in the target group unless you're allergic to its active ingredients
  • It's cheaper than any of its competitors


  • If used in more than recommended doses, Flat Tummy Tea may lead to digestive issues
  • May result in side effects especially if you are sensitive to caffeine
  • You may have to take lots of Flat Tummy Tea to get the desired results. The results vary from one person to the other.

How Much Does Flat Tummy Tea Cost

Flat Tummy Tea is priced differently depending on the pack you choose as outlined below:

  • A four-week pack will cost you $46
  • A two-week pack will cost you $32

Shipping is free for users in the United States and Australia. However, you have the option of paying $5.95 shipping fee for priority mail. If you reside outside the United States and Australia, you will part with $7.95 as shipping fee. Flat Tummy Tea ships worldwide except for the United Arab Emirates. It is worth noting that the tea is presently available exclusive at flattummytea.com, and you will not find it on Amazon or other online-based outlets.

How Does Flat Tummy Tea Compare To Competitors

The manufacturers of Flat Tummy Tea are clear that the product does not provide drastic weight loss. However, most people who have used it say it has helped them lose water weight, reduce the intensity of bloating and by extension enabled them to have a flat tummy.

If the sales of the Flat Tummy Tea are anything to go by, it is easy to argue that this product is one of the best, possibly the best, detox and nutritional supplements on the market. The fact that the manufacturer has allowed users to share photo evidence on their official websites goes to show that this product is safe, and the chances are it will give the results its promises.

At the time of writing this, more than 900,000 women have shared the photos of their flat tummies on Instagram after using Flat Tummy Tea. The product's Instagram handle is @flattummytea. In short, Flat Tummy Tea is a highly rated product and scores well when compared to its competitors.

**Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.