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HEX condoms are a revolutionary new mode of sexual protection made by Swedish company LELO. Condoms have not changed in terms of structure for over 70 years. Now the Lelo HEX design is transforming sexual intercourse for both partners. Get 30% off at lelo.com.

The hexagonal-based structure is what makes Lelo HEX condoms so special. It is strong enough to keep the condom in shape, and thin enough to maximize pleasure. The design is developed on the interior of the condom to prevent unwanted slippage. The condom stays in place because of its grip-like texture.

Lelo HEX condoms are available as of August 2016 and have already garnered much attention. This robust condom has the potential to avert the spread of rising STDs.

HEX condom's goal is to maximize pleasure, maintain physical integrity, and limit slippage. This is achieved by the revolutionary hexagonal design.

HEX Condoms Pros

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  • Physical integrity – the hexagonal design of HEX condom ensures a comfortable fit that doesn’t compromise on sensation. The symmetry of the design guarantees the physical integrity of the condom.
  • Maximizing pleasure – the HEX condom has a thin but strong structure. This structure permits a greater level of sensation.

Hex Condoms Cons

  • Experience – HEX condoms are new on the market. There are not many consumer reviews about the product.
  • Price – the HEX condom is pretty expensive. One pack of 12 HEX condoms costs $20. However, you can get 30% off at lelo.com

How Do HEX Condoms Work?

HEX condoms employ a revolutionary novel method in condom structure. Instead of a continuous latex design, the HEX condom builds a unique hexagonal structure to the inside of the condom. The hexagonal design is said to supply its three main advantages - strength, sensation, and intimacy.

There are 350 hexagons per condom, a 0.055mm HEX web, and extra-thin 0.045mm latex panels. This is a structure that permeates stress throughout the entire condom, meaning it fits comfortable to every contour. If the design fits as the designers have intended, the Lelo HEX condom could indeed revolutionize the condom industry.

Is It Easy To Use HEX Condoms?

There are no current reports on how easy the HEX condom is to use. At best we have some reviews and a reliance on manufacturer claims. The only way we can be sure is with mass release of the product and consumer appraisal. The product was released in August 2016, so we expect to receive customer reviews soon. It can be assumed that the condom is sufficiently easy to use in the same way as every other type of condom.

What constitutes a comfortable fit depends on individual experience. Each person has their own unique requirements. These requirements must be met by a design that is flexible enough to cater for all. The manufacturers claim that the hexagonal design aids this fit. The hexagonal structure is said to confer both strength and thinness, a combination which should be both durable and flexible.

As with many manufactured products, how the product reacts on a mass scale can differ from preliminary tests. How easy the product is to use may change based on these subsequent tests.

How Much Do Lelo HEX Condoms Cost?

The cost of the HEX condom is relatively expensive. However, if depends on where you purchase them. Lelo.com has one pack of 12 HEX condoms on sale for $14, but the price rises to $20 on other websites. LELO is offering early order discounts for their August 2016 release. You can order 36 HEX condoms AND a $50 LELO online gift card for $49. If HEX has the revolutionary impact that LELO predicts, then the prices will probably rise soon due to high demand.

Do HEX Condoms Work?

It’s difficult to say if HEX condoms work as well as LELO claims. The product only become available for shipment in August 2016. Legitimate reviews are difficult to acquire. However, the design of the HEX condom is intriguing. The hexagonal shape has been known for its strength and rigidity. It’s also one of nature’s great way at consolidating strength, like through basalt cooling and beehives. According to modern science the hexagonal shape should work. The claims of the HEX condom are not outlandish. They are reasonable and modest.

However, this can only be so if the hexagonal shape is properly integrated into the condom. The condom needs to work for many different consumers, each of which associates comfort in different ways. If they manage to overcome this physical boundary, then the HEX condom will be a great success.

There is also statistical evidence. The HEX website claims that they currently have almost 28,000 backers – one of which is the actor, Charlie Sheen. One could rightly assume that this level of backing is correlated with how well the condom functions. 

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