Hubble Contact Lenses Review


If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re scouting for cheap everyday contact lenses. Well, your search is over! Introducing Hubble, the daily contacts that promise to give you sharp vision without straining your eyes.

Hubble contact lenses are disposable and available through a subscription service. They feature an 8.6 base curve and a 14.2 diameter. After signing up, you get your first thirty Hubble contacts free. You will then continue to pay $30 per month (which equates to $264 every year) for the lenses. You may cancel your subscription anytime or adjust it as per your needs.

Ben Cogan and Jesse Horwitz are the brains behind Hubble. Cogan is a former employee of Harry’s, a company that makes and sells shaving equipment through mail order. Like many other startups, Hubble has partnered with St. Shine Optical Co, a Taiwan-based manufacturer to make the lenses.

The best part is, you don’t have to spend lots of cash.  In essence, Hubble contacts seek to enhance your eyesight at a price that won’t summersault past your budget. Since these lenses are disposable, you can wear them only when it’s necessary. 

Hubble Contact Lenses Pros

  • Quite affordable in comparison traditional contact lenses that sell for up to $720 per year
  • More comfortable than reusable contact lenses
  • The FDA approves Hubble contacts, further giving consumers an assurance of their safety
  • You have the option to buy these contacts only when you need them, which translates to more savings

Hubble Contact Lenses Cons

  • Hubble contact lenses are only available in prescriptions of -.75 to -8. However, this range caters for most people with eyesight problems
  • There’s no prescription (as yet) for individuals with stronger prescriptions or those with conditions such as astigmatism
  • Changing the lenses on a daily basis may increase injury risk especially if you're not used to wearing contacts.
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Do Hubble Contact Lenses Work Well?

If the rave reviews that Hubble contact lenses have attracted are anything to go by, then it is right to conclude that they do work as advertised. Obviously, no one would want to wear two rigid pieces of plastic between their eyes if they’re not getting the results that they want.

So what is the market (read real customers) saying about Hubble contacts?

Well, over 80% of those who’ve used these lenses are happy with the results. A look at Hubble’s official website gives you the clearest indication of what you should expect with the contacts. For starters, platforms such as Vogue, BuzzFeed, and Mashable have featured these lenses, heaping them with lots of praises.

Independent customers love what Hubble lenses offer as well. A majority like the comfort and their ability to improve vision remarkably. Sentiments such as “you can’t beat it,” “fabulous” and “I’m happy” characterize the reviews. Plus, you get the lenses delivered right to your doorstep, even for the free package. How about that!

To cut to the chase, Hubble contact lenses work. After all, numbers don’t lie. If they have improved the vision of most users, there is every probability that they will do the same for you.

How Do Hubble Contact Lenses Work?

hubble contact lenses review

Hubble endeavors to offer affordable yet functional disposable daily contacts. Statistics indicate that most people who wear contacts have to replace them at least twice every month. Even worse, high-end lenses go for hundreds of dollars per year – and that is where Hubble comes in. The company wants to help contact lens wearers avoid paying inflated prices when buying from optometrists and intermediaries.

By signing up for Hubble’s subscription plan, you will be saving more than $400 per year. For now, the company only deals with daily contacts, as they’re comfortable and healthier. Hubble plans to introduce reusable lenses in the future if they find the right partner.

For those who may be skeptical, it essential to retaliate that there’s no “catch” here. All, Hubble is doing is changing the way of doing things in the contact lenses industry. Ben Cogan notes that the four top players in the contacts market make very high margins, which is unfair to the average consumer.

And, the one thing that set Hubble apart from its competitors is the ability to accommodate customers with a different prescription in either eye. In effect, this means that you don’t have to buy separate prescriptions.

In conclusion, if you feel that you’re spending too much for your contact lenses, Hubble is an excellent, cheap alternative.

hubble contact lenses review


Contact Lenses Subscription

Quality & Convenience at Half the Price. Get First 15 Pairs Free with $3 S/H!