How To Incorporate Minimalist Interior Design Into An Established Style


Minimalism essentially means less is more. When many people think of minimalism, they think stark whites and simple shapes. This can certainly be part of it, but it’s more about how functional an item or room can be without actually showing it. It retains a simplistic, clean look.

A minimalist design aesthetic can vary from person to person. Some choose neutral tones, others color. Then the shapes can vary too, from sleek angular lines to the use of punchy circles. Whatever you interpret it as, the key rules to achieving a minimalist look in your home are to: favor functionality and quality, declutter, and give each room a finished appearance.

In the following article, we’ll discuss small changes you can make to bring minimalism into your home.

Clear Bench, Clear Mind

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ikea wall shelf


Floating Wall Shelf

Kitchens are often filled with many unnecessary appliances that take up precious bench and cupboard space. Many of which can easily be parted with. Have a doughnut maker gathering dust? It’s time for it to go. A minimalist kitchen is a well-organized and clutter-free zone.

The next step is creating more storage.

A really simple, attractive and functional way of storing items that you use on a daily basis is by adding wall shelves to your kitchen, like the solid wood Floating Wall Shelf shelves from Americanflat.

The layout of your kitchen will determine where these shelves go, but placing them above a benchtop where you usually do your cooking is an ideal spot.

Placing items like your mixing bowls, jars filled with cooking utensils, mugs, or chopping boards on shelves where they’re easily accessible and are well organized, will keep your working space uncluttered and tidy. Making these simple changes will instantly transform your kitchen into a minimalist’s dream

An Attractive Storage Solution

Joss and Main Naomi Sideboard

Joss & Main

Naomi Sideboard

Living rooms are often a place where mess and disorder can easily build up. Ridding yourself of unnecessary items of furniture and trinkets is a good first step, but it’s likely that you’ll still have loose items that don’t have permanent homes yet, making the room look generally untidy or unstylish.

Well, an easy fix for this is to buy yourself a stylish and functional sideboard or cabinet. These can range in price and are very easy to come by.

The Naomi Sideboard is an affordable, mid-range piece that looks beautiful in the room. It has huge storage potential, with multiple drawers and two cabinets with internal shelves. It’s great for storing anything from random bits and pieces to your treasured record collection. Buy one like this online, or check out your local antique and thrift stores for a vintage bargain.

Depending on the layout of your home, you can even use one of these units to place a ‘vide poche’ (French for ‘empty pocket’) upon. A vide

A vide poche consists of a small bowl or basket, kept in a convenient spot where you can drop your keys, wallet and other small items when you come through the door. Perfect for the minimalist home!

Finishing The Room

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Mark Rothko

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As you would have noticed, organization and decluttering is a must. This doesn’t mean that your rooms should be boring. They can be as colorful or stylish as you want them to be, just keep the furniture to a minimum and invest in pieces that have good storage, and fit into your aesthetic.

Now that you have a bit more of a blank slate, why not add a bit of art into the mix?

Minimalist rooms and houses have a finished look to them and hanging the perfect piece of art can do this for you. So, grab a print of a painting you like and see how much it brings everything together.

‘Untitled’ by Mark Rothko is a large scale abstract painting which is readily available as an art print. It is a bright and vibrant piece that will truly draw focus in any minimalist room. A piece of artwork such as this one is ideal for adding color, especially if you’ve chosen furniture in neutral hues.

Using large-scale prints will act like the bow that ties everything together in your new minimalist haven.