Is Peapod Worth It?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that’s there’s an easy, convenient and fast way to shop for grocery these days, right? At the click of a button, you can have your weekly grocery supplies delivered right to your doorstep. One of the names that pop up when you mention grocery delivery service is Peapod. After all, Peapod happens to be the largest web-based grocery delivery store, operating in 23 urban areas.

But, the question remains, is using Peapod’s services worth the trouble? Is the service that good or the hype created around it is just another marketing gimmick? Well, unless you got lots of time on your hand, there’s every reason to try out Peapod (if you haven’t already). Here’s why;

Peapod Can Be a Lifesaver!

Sounds like an exaggeration? Wait a minute. Imagine this; you’re sick, in bed, with a cold and all you want is some pizza.

Obviously, you can’t make it to the local eatery but Peapod, through partner stores can make it happen. Even enticing is the fact that you can suggest the recipes you want for your pizza right on your profile. How about that!

During pregnancy, Peapod can be a great companion when it comes to ordering your weekly groceries.

Where else would you get a 12 oz packet of Driscoll’s Red Raspberries as to spruce your diet at a price that won’t hurt your wallet? In order words, when the pregnancy weighs you down, Peapod could as well be the X-factor you need to keep your groceries and fruits rolling in. Now, that’s a lifesaver right there!

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Grocery Delivery

Fresh Deals on Groceries Delivered

You Can Save, Alot

One of the primary reasons you’d want to get your groceries via Peapod is the endless opportunities to save.

As a new customer, you get up to $20 off your first order and free delivery for up to six months.  All you have to do is to enter a promotional code every time you checkout and boom! You can also choose the “greener” delivery option and get a discount of $2 on every order.

You can take advantage of Peapod’s double coupon system to make the most savings. Let’s say you order Carolina Pulled Pork by Zen. You’ll pay the full price at the onset and later supply the delivery man with your paper coupon and order number.

Peapod then credits the difference to your form of payment, allowing you to save more from a single deal. And on that note, one of the best places to get Peapod coupons is

You Can Budget and Plan Meal List

By design, Peapod discourages impulse buying. See, when you purchase groceries on a weekly basis, you have a choice to place a new order based on the last.

For instance, if you order a Baked Rotini with Mozzarella & Spinach by Barilla or Angus Beef T-Bone Steak Vacuum Sealed Fresh on a regular basis, you can build a list of your food items quickly. And, you can always sort the food by sale, saving you a lot of time.

When your shopping list is as organized as Peapod makes it, you’ll always spend money on only what you need. That way, you can stick to a strict monthly budget and make adjustment whenever necessary. Did we mention that you can sort products depending on what you need? Yes, you can purchase your grocery per categories such as gluten-free, kosher, sugar-free and so on.

Now, that’s convenience at its best!

peapod review


Grocery Delivery

Fresh Deals on Groceries Delivered.