Link AKC Review: Know Your Best Friend Better


Dogs are more than a man’s best friend. They’re a family’s best friend; a non-human animal that enters the family framework with as much love and attention as any sibling can expect to receive. We intimately care about the welfare of our dogs, so much so, that Link Akc now offer an ingenious device to help monitor the state of your pet.

In the words of Link Akc, their mission statement is to “strengthen the bond between dog and owner”. This bond is strengthened by their electronic collar link; a device that records the whereabouts of your dog, its activity, and its surrounding temperatures. The link can also be used to train your dog, too, with the help of in-built sound features.

As of July 2017, the Link Akc comes in at a modest $7.95 – a figure billed annually. This makes the link one of the most accessible and affordable means to effectively monitor the state of your pet.

Link AKC Pros

The Link Akc comes with a comprehensive range of excellent advantages. These benefits include:

  • Affordability – at $7.95 per year, the link is extraordinarily accessible.
  • Features – a broad range of features that uses internet connectivity to learn about the location, temperature environment and activity of your dog.
  • Versatility – the link can be purchased in many sizes, allowing you to tag your dog no matter what its size.

Link AKC Cons

Though the Link Akc comes with many advantages, there are also some downsides to consider:

  • Modern accessory – many people, particularly some older adults, have not transitioned to using electronic devices, such as monitoring apps. The app is, then, limited to those comfortable with the use of Internet connectivity and smartphone apps.
link akc review

Link AKC

Smart Dog Collar

Locate a lost dog with fast and accurate GPS location tracking.

Does Link AKC Work?

To learn whether the link works, we must first understand what problems Link Akc are attempting to resolve.

According to their website, the purpose of the link is to:

  • Accurately represent the location of your dog
  • Monitor the physical activity of your pet
  • Assist with training exercises
  • Monitor the temperature environment of your dog

The great thing about the Link Akc is that each of these functions is measurable. The link informs you of the whereabouts of your dog as the app uses GPS. Physical activity apps are already available for people, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn they work for dogs, too. The same is true for temperature, too.

The link also comes with in-built lighting and sound features. The latter feature can be used for training purposes – as sound is known to act as a “reinforcement” for positive behavior.  

In this regard, the Link Akc works very well for each of its central four functions.

How Does Link AKC Work?

The features that define the Link Akc – location, activity, temperature and training – are linked to two central mechanisms built into the link: the ability to monitor functions using internet connectivity and the relaying of this data back to the phone app. Thus, owners of the Link Akc should be comfortable with using smartphone devices.

Once you receive the Link Akc, it comes with five accessories:

  • Tracking unit
  • Base station
  • Carrier
  • Collar
  • App

The link fits inside any standard collar, but the company also provide a high-quality leather collar you can use. Integrated technology allows you to monitor how fast or slow your dog is moving; what temperature they’re currently exposed to; and where specifically they can be found.

In the words of Link Akc, the product “enables data to be transmitted to a cellular network”; a core mechanism that underpins its central features. The standard battery life is reasonable, too, at 2-3 days, while the product can survive water depths of up to 3 feet.

Link AKC

Smart Dog Collar

Locate a lost dog with fast and accurate GPS location tracking