LipSense Lipstick Review


Conventional lipsticks can prove challenging at the best of times. Whether it’s the gloss or the rub off, we always find a drawback when we least expect it. LipSense is an alternative that seeks to do away with these unexpected drawbacks; a brand they describe as “an amazing departure from conventional lipsticks and lip colors found on the market today”.

So, what makes LipSense unique? At just $25, LipSense is very affordable, but what does it offer? The product, they claim, is waterproof and does not smear or rub off. In addition, the product serves to keep the lips moist – avoiding unwanted dryness. LipSense has, in other words, been created using a novel formulation that has both aesthetic and pragmatic qualities.

LipSense Pros

LipSense, a product that uses a novel formulation, comes with many distinct advantages. These include:

  • A waterproof lipstick that also keeps lips moist
  • The lipstick does not dry or smear off
  • The color lasts from anywhere up to 18 hours
  • A wide variety of color combinations is available, allowing you to purchase a customised product that meets your needs

LipSense Cons

Though LipSense comes with many advantages, it also comes with some unfortunate drawbacks. These include:

  • Many of the ingredients used are not from natural sources. For those seeking a more organic product, LipSense is not for you.
  • At $25, LipSense is modestly priced but may prove to be challenge for those on a budget.
LipSense Lipstick Review



LipSense is the premier product of SeneGence and is unlike any conventional lipstick, stain or color.

Is LipSense Lipstick Worth It?

To understand whether LipSense works, we need to sketch out precisely what the product aims to achieve.

According to the LipSense website, their product is intended to be:

  • Waterproof
  • One that does not rub or smear off
  • A product that lasts from 4-18 hours

The formulation that LipSense uses is both novel and interesting. For example, they use ingredients that serve to shield the lips from harmful solar radiation. The lipstick forms a wax-effect on the lips, offering its durable and waterproof qualities. In this respect, yes, LipSense can be said to work to deliver its desired benefits. Even though the effect is wax-like, the lipstick itself is not wax-based – nor does the product use lead or ingredients from animal by-products.

While the scientific basis for LipSense is solid, what about anecdotal evidence? In other words, how does LipSense perform when reviewed by independent experts and the public at large?

LipSense has been extensively reviewed and, by and large, these reviews have been mostly positive. Users consistently refer to how “rub-proof” and waterproof the product happens to be. Given how ubiquitous this problem is, it should come as no surprise why reviewers focus on this one aspect.

In all, LipSense has been shown to work. While LipSense may not have appeared on prominent international magazines to date, it has certainly made an emerging and growing mark on the wider lipstick scene.

The Science of LipSense Lipstick

There are two main mechanisms by which LipSense works – an application level and on an ingredient level. We examine both these mechanisms below.

In order to work effectively, LipSense must be applied in the right and proper way. It must be applied in three layers.

  • The first layer impacts the lips pH (level of acidity).
  • The second layer is protected from the bottom layer, meaning the strength of the lipstick color is retained longer.
  • The third layer, in turn, protects the second layer from friction, water and other means by which lipstick typically breaks down.

The long-lasting effect of LipSense is an emergent property that comes from the use of many ingredients.

  • The shine that comes from LipSense comes courtesy of its use of mica; a natural particle that offers glimmer and shimmer.
  • Tilia cordata – a natural flower whose ingredients have antioxidant properties.
  • John’s wort – typically used as an antidepressant, its origins offer additional plant extracts that reinforce the strength of each Lipstick.

These are just some of the main ingredients. LipSense offers its users a diverse range of colors, shades and effects; an enormous advantage that allows users to customize their own lipstick. In all, LipSense works to deliver the results expected of it while not coming at an exorbitant cost that breaks the bank.



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