Melatrol Sleep Aid Review & Coupon


Melatrol is a sleeping aid* made from all-natural herbal ingredients. Melatonin is the main component in Melatrol sleep aid. It is ranked among the best sleeping aids on the market because it is natural, effective and has few side effects. Melatrol is also not addictive like many other sleep aid drugs.

Melatrol sleep aid is manufactured by Pacific Naturals and can be purchased online with a money back guarantee. Pacific Naturals is recognized worldwide by a large customer base.

How Much Does Melatrol Cost?

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Read the pricing information below or on their website. A single bottle costs $57. The price is inclusive of shipping costs.

  • Three bottles costs $99.90.
  • Five bottles costs $150.
  • You can order a free trial on their website. There is a full money back guarantee.

If you ask me, that's not a bad price for what could be the best night of sleep you've ever experienced. Remember, your daily production levels are determined by how much sleep you get. So, why not ensure that you've fully rested up before starting your hectic day? 

Clients are strongly advised to buy Melatrol sleep aid from the product’s official website to ensure they get the genuine product and discounts. The drug is also available for purchase on Amazon.

Does Melatrol Work?

One user shared her experiences with Melatrol on YouTube. Her anxiety levels dropped and she slept restfully. Watch the video below.

Melatrol is among the top five on the list of top sleeping aids for the year on consumer health digest. It has a 76% approval rating for inducing relaxation and improving sleep patterns.

One Amazon customer called the drug a life saver. He can now sleep a good eight hours and wake up feeling energized.

However, some users did not get the expected results. This could be due to a number of physiological issues and not the product itself. Always seek the approval of your doctor before using Melatrol or any other sleep aid.

How Does Melatrol Sleep Aid Work?

Melatrol’s ingredients include melatonin, valerian root, passion flower extract, Rhodiola Rosea extract and gamma amino butyric acid. Melatonin is the most crucial component.

Melatonin secreted by the brain influences sleeping patterns. The levels of melatonin in the bloodstream vary depending on the time of the day. The brain secretes more melatonin at night, and less melatonin during the day.

People with sleeping disorders have trouble falling and staying asleep. They also exhibit unusual sleeping patterns like sleeping during the day and staying awake at night. Abnormal melatonin levels cause these conditions.

Melatrol initiates the relaxation period, which usually takes too long for people with sleeping disorders. It ensures melatonin levels remain high throughout the night to help you stay asleep.


  • Melatrol is made from all-natural herbal ingredients.
  • It boosts the body’s immune system.
  • It relieves stress and boosts relaxation.
  • Melatrol is easy to order, and sometimes clients get an extra bottle free of charge depending on the payment plan.

Melatrol Cons

  • Melatrol induces drowsiness. Therefore, do not engage in certain activities that require your attentiveness after taking a dose (e.g. driving).
  • In some cases, use of the product results in abdominal pains. This is especially common if the valerian root component is in high concentration (i.e.overdose).
  • Melatrol induces feelings of weakness.
  • The product is quite costly.

Is It Easy To Use or Follow Melatrol?

Melatrol is easy to use because it is available in capsule form. Take it with a glass of water just like any other pill. Do not take this drug with alcohol.

You should take one to four pills at night before bed, or as directed by your doctor. Do not take more than four pills per day. An overdose can lead to even more complex disorders.

Do not take this product with other sleeping aids. Always consult your doctor if you are on other drugs to learn about possible interactions. Do not take Melatrol before driving because it induces drowsiness.

Do not stop taking Melatrol suddenly if you have been using it for some time. Gradually lower the dosage to prevent sickness.


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