Name Brand Vs Drugstore Makeup


You may be thinking that all makeup is created equal, but that is simply not true. M.A.C. Cosmetics' lipsticks, foundations, and concealers are not the same as lipsticks, foundations, and concealers from CoverGirl. Of course, pricing is a major factor in the difference between name brand and drugstore makeup, but the difference in price is usually comparable to the difference in the quality of the products.

The quality includes the ingredients that go into the products and the packaging and services that come with the products. With so many options on the market these days, it's hard to pick and choose which brands to use. This post will help you figure it all out and avoid the dreaded buyer's remorse. Take these factors into account before making your next makeup purchase. Name brand vs drugstore makeup - which is best?

What to You Need to Know About Name Brand Vs Drugstore Makeup

Higher Price, Higher Quality?

When you're a novice to the makeup world, you likely will start out using popular drugstore brands like CoverGirlMaybelline, and Rimmel. Doing so is probably the best way to start out. You can try different colors and types of makeup without spending hundreds of dollars. But once you begin to upgrade to name brand cosmetics like NARS, MAKE UP FOR EVER, and Benefit Sephora, you become aware of the vast difference in quality. You find out that paying more is usually worth it. Although drugstore makeup brands have improved their products over the last few years, there is still an undeniable variation between the high-end and drugstore makeup brands. name brand or drugstore makeup

There are exceptions to the quality rule; higher prices don't always mean better quality. Sometimes $8 mascara from Rimmel works just as well as $27 mascara from Dior. However, there are items that you need to choose more carefully, such as eyeshadows and foundations.

Cheaper eyeshadows aren't as pigmented, and they can have a chalky appearance. You want to go with eyeshadows that are easy to blend, eyeliners that give you a smooth winged eye, and concealers and foundations that won't give you a cake face. Sometimes getting the look you want comes with a higher price tag.

Products Generally Worth Paying More For:

  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Foundation
  • Lipstick

Products to Buy Cheaply

  • Mascara
  • Concealer (if used minimally)
  • Lip Liner, gloss, and balm
  • Highlighter, blush, bronzer -- try E.L.F. or NYX.

What's In Your Makeup?

A major factor that separates name brand makeup from drugstore makeup is what goes into the makeup. Sure, there are a few drugstore brands like e.l.f. and Neutrogena with oil-free and acne-fighting ingredients, but there are more options for cosmetics with better ingredients on the higher-end of the makeup spectrum. For example, the Born This Way Foundation contains coconut water to restore moisture levels, alpine rose to help with elasticity, and hyaluronic acid to balance the skin for a smoother appearance. Clinique, Bare Minerals, and W3ll People are also known for being kind to different skin types.

Their products can prevent acne and protect the skin from the elements. Don't purchase makeup without knowing what's in it first. Just because it's the most expensive brand, doesn't mean it will work well for your skin. You don't want to spend $62 on a foundation only to end up with clogged pores and breakouts. You will be out of money and stuck with something you can't even use. It's best that you know your skin type before making a cosmetic purchase.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

$39.99 from Sephora

More Than The Makeup

When it comes to buying makeup, you're not only purchasing the product, but you're also purchasing the services that come with it. Think about it, when you go to Walgreens or CVS, there isn't an employee there to help you figure out which eyeshadow pallet is better, or if you should go with a matte or satin finish foundation.

You can't even open the products and test them. Buying name brand makeup comes with amenities that you won't get at the drugstore. If you go to department stores or makeup retailers like Ulta and Sephora, you're able to have makeup professionals teach you how to apply your makeup, and they will make professional recommendations. Sometimes, spending more on name brand makeup is worth it.

Don't buy high-end cosmetics over drugstore makeup just for the prestige of having name brand makeup. Buy makeup that works for you, is easy to apply and blend, and doesn't cause breakouts; if that makeup happens to be drugstore makeup, then go with it. It all boils down to what you need and what your wallet will allow you to purchase.