Prevagen Coupons & Review


Prevagen is one of the leading products shown to enhance cognition, memory, and clarity of thought. The active ingredient of Prevagen, apoaequorin, was first discovered in 1962, and the researchers involved won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2008. Prevagen has a solid academic background.

Recent studies have demonstrated that Prevagen is not only used by people who wish to enhance their cognition, but also for more elderly people who are feeling the memory effects of aging. The product has since become one of the bestselling cognitive products in pharmacies all across the United States.

It is a brain health supplement that has been shown to improve short-term memory in patients of all ages. The manufacturers recommend that Prevagen is used for at least 90 days before the full effects can be realized.

An independent panel of experts has concluded that it is safe for human consumption and comes with no known harmful side effects.

Prevagen Goal

The goal of Prevagen is to enhance short-term memory. It achieves this goal in three different but complementary ways. First, Prevagen works to enhance cognition. Second, it works to strengthen brain connections, and third, it helps to clarify and sharpen individual thoughts. Collectively, the active ingredient of Prevagen, apoaequorin, attains this goal.


Supports a healthier brain, sharper mind & clearer thinking

Prevagen Pros

  • Established reputation – Prevagen is the leading brain health supplement in pharmacies across the United States. It has been shown – both anecdotally and academically – to enhance cognition, short-term memory, and clarity of thought.
  • Safety – Prevagen has been tested by a panel of independent experts, all of whom came to the conclusion that Prevagen is not only safe for human consumption but that it comes with no known side effects.

Prevagen Cons

  • Duration of therapy – the manufacturers of Prevagen recommend that the supplement be taken for at least 90 days, or three months. It may be difficult for people to consistently take the supplement for this period of time.
  • Cost – Prevagen is, despite its proven track-record, quite an expensive product. A one-month supply of the supplement costs $59.95, an expense that many people might find difficult to finance.

How Does Prevagen Work?

Prevagen has only one active ingredient, apoaequorin. This active ingredient is extracted from a particular species of jellyfish; a compound first discovered as far back as 1962. The team responsible won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2008. So Prevagen has a long-standing reputation. It works to enhance short-term memory, achieving this through a process known as neuromodulation. In other words, it enhances and strengthens the neural connections of the brain.

Neural connections are essential to both short and long-term memory formation. The more neural connections, the more likely the memory will be committed. For example, repetition is known to increase neural connections, something that all students are advised to do. However, the precise mechanism by which memories are stored is not yet fully understood. It is only known that certain compounds and certain disease states have an effect on this memory formation.

The precise structure of memory formation is not known. Nonetheless, it’s possible to test the effect of compounds on memory formation, even if the mechanism is not understood. Prevagen has been rigorously tested by a panel of independent experts, all of whom subscribe to the conclusion that it enhances short-term memory.

Prevagen has also been tested from a safety perspective, being granted the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status since.

Is It Easy To Use or Follow Prevagen?

Prevagen comes in capsule form and is easy to take. Patient’s receive thirty capsules in either their regular or extra-strength form. A capsule must be taken once daily for thirty days. However, some patients may find it difficult – for whatever reason – to swallow capsules. Some patients have difficulty swallowing capsules, or find the process of swallowing the capsule uncomfortable (as it may feel as if the capsule ‘sticks’ to the throat). For this reason, Prevagen also offers a chewable form of the supplement. The chewable version is the same price as the capsule version, and the chewable tablet is only available in mixed berry flavor.

Some patients may be worried about whether they should take Prevagen. They may, after all, be taking other medicines. The manufacturers recommend that patients should always consult their doctor before taking any new supplement however safe it may be. Prevagen has, however, no known drug interactions. It is considered safe from both a side effect and a drug interaction perspective. Nonetheless, patients wishing to use this memory supplement should take that extra precaution and notify their doctor before use. Similarly, Prevagen does not interact with vitamin or mineral supplements. It has been shown to work effectively independently of any other supplement.

How Much Does Prevagen Cost?

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Though this supplement has a long-established reputation, this reputation does come at a cost. It’s worth noting that the active ingredient of Prevagen is extracted from a particular species of jellyfish, meaning manufacturing costs aren’t as low as one might desire. A one-month supply of Prevagen costs $59.95.

The manufacturer recommends that individuals need to use the product for at least 90 days before its full effects can be felt. This means that individuals may pay almost $180 for any cognitive benefit.

However, you can purchase a three-month supply at a discounted rate of $119.90. While these prices are not the cheapest on the market, it’s worth emphasizing that Prevagen is the leading supplier as a brain health supplement. In other words, quality costs.

Does Prevagen Work?

In short, Prevagen works. It has a long-standing reputation as a supplement that enhances cognition and improved short-term memory. Short-term memory improvement is an essential prerequisite for enhanced long-term memory. The more established the base of neural networks in the brain, the more likely that short-term memories are converted into their long-term equivalents. By strengthening short-term memory neural connections, Prevagen also serves to enhance long-term memory. Prevagen has been shown to work on two levels – anecdotal and academic.

Let’s first begin with the academic. The active ingredient of Prevagen – apoaequorin – was extracted from a certain type of jellyfish, a patented ingredient that cannot be found elsewhere on the market. Numerous studies have been performed to demonstrate the efficacy of Prevagen. One study (a randomized, double-blind, controlled experiment) performed on over 200 individuals between the age of 40-91 found an overwhelming link between the active ingredient of Prevagen and its beneficial effects on memory. There is also the anecdotal evidence, too.

Prevagen is the leading brain supplement in pharmacies all across the United States. This long-standing reputation is built upon years of experience by people who have tried the product and experienced its many advantages. In fact, Prevagen is available at over 30,000 pharmacies across the US today.