Quip Toothbrush Subscription Review


In the last few months, you may have seen beautifully shot photos of a toothbrush and wondered why even your dental hygiene had to be minimalist in appearance. The Quip toothbrush is a revolutionary product that seeks to change the way you clean your teeth.

It is sleek and attractive with a minimalist design. Unlike standard electric toothbrushes, Quip claims to have the only features you need to improve your oral health. Its claim is that it will both make your teeth and your life look better.

It is designed to vibrate over your teeth in intervals of thirty seconds for two minutes. The replaceable head has soft, round-tip bristles for a gentle brush. Meanwhile, the compact design allows you to tuck it in your travel bag or bathroom cabinet without taking a lot of space.

Simon Enever and Bill May are the brains behind Quip. Enever is a former employee of ECCO, a New York-based design agency during the time Bill was working for Lifetime Brands. Quip's motto is to simplify the brushing process to enable every person to take better care of their teeth. In other words, it is an all-in-one system made to improve your dental hygiene drastically. The makers of Quip understand that maintaining proper oral health can be expensive. They, therefore, designed a cheap and highly efficient toothbrush with the same efficiency as high-end models.

The goal of Quip toothbrush is to ensure sure that everyone has access to comprehensive dental care without spending too much. 

Pros of the Quip Toothbrush Subscription

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quip toothbrush review

Quip Toothbrush Subscription

  • Stylish, modern and minimalist design
  • Exceptional performance in comparison to most electric toothbrushes
  • Well designed subscription plan that is accessible to middle-income earners
  • Incredibly convenient -- every three months, you get a new toothbrush head shipped to you
  • Highly affordable
  • Easy to time the intervals
  • Comes with a built-in tongue cleaner

Cons of the Quip Toothbrush Subscription

  • Battery powered, meaning some additional maintenance costs
  • Even though the Quip toothbrush is efficient, it does not yield the same power as high-end models
  • The handle could do with some modification to provide a firmer grip
  • Possible to accidentally turn off control buttons with your thumb when brushing

So, Does the Quip Toothbrush Work?

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Since its launch, Quip toothbrush has received rave reviews from satisfied customers. Trusted websites such as TechCruch have also reviewed it. A glimpse at these reviews paints a picture the Quip does indeed work as advertised.

While it is nothing more than just an electric toothbrush, Quip's design and the company's focus on hygiene has induced many people to brush their teeth better and more frequently. Those who’ve used the Quip toothbrush like the fact that it doesn’t come with the fancy additions found in most electric toothbrushes such as Sonicare.

They also note that it is relatively powerful. In other words, it provides the value you’d expect from an electric toothbrush within its price range. It is certainly a better option than cheaper models and far superior to typical manual toothbrushes.

Even though a majority of users genuinely enjoy using Quip, some don’t like the taste of its toothpaste. It's important to note that you can choose to use a different toothpaste with your Quip toothbrush. Others feel that the brush is too light.

But, if you consider every aspect of this toothbrush and customer reviews, it is easy to a come to a conclusion that Quip is worth every buck. Plus, available videos show that Quip’s second generation toothbrushes are a better version of their predecessors. In short, with regular use, Quip will give you a comfortable, satisfying experience.

How Much Does the Quip Toothbrush Subscription Cost?

Quip is available through and online subscription program. You can sign up for either of the following options.

Starter Sets

These include one toothbrush, one replacement head, and regular/travel size toothpaste.

  • Plastic Handle: $25 ($40 with no refills)
  • Metal Handle: $40 ($55 with no refills)

Brush and toothpaste refills will cost you $10 per refill every three months. You may pay an annual fee of $65 with free refills for a year

Brush Sets

These come with Quip Toothbrush only

  • Plastic Handle: $30 ($35 with no refills)
  • Metal Handle: $45 ($50 with no refills)

You get brush refills every three months at a fee of $5. You can prepay for an annual cost of $55. 

Electric Couple Set - You get two quip electric brushes, two refill heads, and small/large toothpaste tubes at $75 ($100 with no refills) Electric Family Set – You get four Quip electric brushes, four refill heads, and small/large toothpaste: $150 ($200 with no refills) Additional Items

Electric Family Set – You get four Quip electric brushes, four refill heads, and small/large toothpaste: $150 ($200 with no refills)

Additional Items:

  • Toothbrush Head: $5 (price remains the same even with no refills)
  • Toothpaste 4.7oz: $5 (price remains the same even with no refills)
  • Travel Cover Mount: $5
  • White Plastic Manual Toothbrush: $10 ($5 refills every three months)

Is Quip Easy to Use?

quip toothbrush review

Quip is easy to use. In fact, if you’ve ever used an electric toothbrush before, you will have no problem operating it. Besides, it comes with an easy to understand manual for beginners. And if you have any questions regarding its use, you can contact the manufacturer through their official website.

As for the toothpaste, you will use a pea-sized amount on the toothbrush. If you want to be accurate, ensure that you don’t squeeze more than 7.5mm sphere of the toothpaste. (Ignore the 1 inch recommended in TV ads.) The toothpaste tube features a graph to help guide you about the pea-size portions. The tubes are designed to deliver enough toothpaste to last you up to ninety days if you brush twice every day. Note that using more than the recommended toothpaste doesn’t help improve the cleaning ability of the brush. Instead, it wastes your toothpaste.

It is always advisable that you visit your dentist regularly even when using Quip toothbrush. Using Quip does not substitute regular checkups. Also, be sure to check the toothpaste’s active ingredients to see if you are allergic to any of them.

How Well Does Quip Work?

Quip uses the same mechanism as most electric toothbrushes. It generates a single pulse at 30 seconds intervals to remind you to change the quadrants of your mouth. It also comes with an integrated two-minute timer that reminds you to stop brushing. In essence, these features help prevent damage to your gums and enamel. They also allow you to make the most out of your toothbrush.

Quip uses standard AAA batteries to power the built-in motor. The batteries last for three months on a single charge after which you replace them. You will also replace the brush head. Every refill comes with new batteries, sent to you every three months. Consider using rechargeable batteries to lower costs and waste. This option allows you to opt out of Quip’s battery refills. Quip has an innovative brush head to increase effectiveness.

The Quip toothbrush head:

  • Is flat, with evenly patterned bristles
  • Is small to reach tight spaces
  • Has round tip bristles that are softer on the gums

The brushed aluminum handles give the Quip toothbrush a premium look and provide a comfortable grip. The slim design and travel cover allow you to travel with your brush while protecting the head from germs and bacteria. The cover also doubles up as a storage container. Interested in Quip? You can purchase your own Quip Toothbursh and subscription at Quip's online store.

quip toothbrush review

Quip Toothbrush Subscription

Starts at only $25!