Smile Direct Club Review: Is It The Secret To The Perfect Smile?


A beautiful smile is infectious, isn’t it? But, what if you don’t have straight teeth to conjure a charming smile? Well, if that’s you, it's time you heard about Smile Direct Club, a company that promises to correct your smile without breaking the bank.

Smile Direct Club produces aligners to straighten your teeth and ultimately brighten your smile. The best part is, the aligners are invisible, allowing you to smile without others noticing them. In other words, Smile Direct Club’s seeks to straighten your teeth without visiting the dentist.

Smile Direct Club will first evaluate your teeth at the cost of $95 to determine if you’re a suitable candidate. If you’re eligible you will then pay for the aligners as follows;

  • $1,850 one-off payment (includes a tube of premium whitening gel)
  • Monthly payments (SmilePay) - $95 for 22 months, amounting to $2,090

Note – these were the prices at the time of writing this. The prices are subject to change.

Smile Direct Club Pros

  • The aligners are as effective as other dental procedures used to straighten the teeth
  • You don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money
  • The aligners are BPA-free so you can bet that they’re safe for your teeth
  • The aligners are relatively comfortable in comparison to dental braces
  • The aligners are invisible, and you can remove them as you please

Smile Direct Club Cons

  • Even though the Smile Direct Club aligners are efficient, they are still relatively expensive more so if you’re on a tight budget. Nonetheless, they work as advertised and are worth every buck. Plus, the company has an affordable payment plan for those who may not afford to pay the lump sum amount.
Smile Direct Club review

Smile Direct Club


Smile Direct Club helps deliver a smile you'll love safely & discreetly.

Does Smile Direct Club Work?

There are many pointers to make one believe that Smile Direct Club indeed delivers what it promises. For starters, the company has the backing of Camelot Venture Group, a private investment group that has carved a name for itself in the direct-to-consumer circles.

The group has been around since the early 90s and puts its money in highly regulated industries. To cut to the chase, the forces behind Smile Direct Club know what they’re doing, giving the customer a reason to trust their products.

The company’s impressive profile is just a tip of the iceberg. The best way to tell if any product works is to look at what real users have to say about it. A look at Smile Direct Club official website gives the impression that customers rate the invisible aligners highly. There are hundreds of reviews from satisfied clients. The “before and after” photos from previous users further fortify the Smile Direct Club effectiveness. There’s even video feedback from happy customers flashing their beautiful smiles after using the aligners.

While most reviews around the internet hail Smile Direct Club and what it has to offer, there are complaints about the company's customer service. Even then, the Better Business Bureau gives the company an A + rating based on how it handles and responds to claims.

How Does Smile Direct Club Work?

teeth whitening tips

You will start by visiting Smile Direct Club official website. Here, you will take an online assessment to determine if the aligners are for you. The evaluation involves a set of questions that enables a designated dental staff to evaluate if the program is of any benefit to you. It is not until the company verifies you as a suitable candidate that you can proceed to acquire the aligners.

If you're eligible, you will book a 3D scan at a Smile Direct Club’s SmileShop to determine the structure of your teeth. Alternatively, you can take and online photo assessment. The second option is viable if you don’t reside near a SmileShop location (be sure to check SmileShop locations on the official website).

After the assessment is complete, the company will send you an at-home kit and link you up with a dentist who will create your personalized treatment plan. The package contains your dental impression for the dentist to review. Based on the dentist’s recommendations, Smile Direct Club will then send you molds to start aligning your teeth.

You will wear the aligners for at least 20 hours every day to get the desired results. It may take up to 10 months to complete the program, but the timeframe varies from one individual to the other.

Smile Direct Club


Smile Direct Club helps deliver a smile you'll love safely & discreetly.