Sweet Cheeks Cellulite Massage Mat Review


Cellulite is an aesthetic bane for many women. Even with a healthy diet and exercise, cellulite can prove difficult to lift. It most commonly develops around the hips and thighs of women, particularly as women age. That’s because collagen structures change as we age, lumping together to give the unattractive dimpling effect we see and feel.

Medical interventions are often limited. Cellulite is known for its endurance, staying on for longer the longer we age. Aside from dietary and exercise factors, though, medical interventions are available. The SweetCheeks massage mat is one such example. Today, we explore the theory behind the mat and discover whether, on examination, the mat can work for you. First, let’s learn how the mats work.

How To Use Sweet Cheeks Cellulite Massage Mat

SweetCheeks massage mats are user-friendly and highly versatile mats.

They can be used in all manner of circumstances. Whether you’re sitting at home watching a documentary or out driving in the countryside, the massage mats can be used. The manufacturers recommend using the mats for 30 minutes per day. That being said, you can – if you wish – use the mats for longer.

Nor are the mats uncomfortable. In fact, reviews consistently show that they offer a warm and soothing effect. In many respects, the mats almost become indiscernible from regular sitting. Results depend on how frequently you use the mats. They claim that results can last up to 24 hours in cases, but this depends on the current state of your cellulite.

In all, the massage mats are easy-to-use, versatile mats that can be used just about anywhere; a highly convenient means to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

SweetCheeks mat review


Cellulite Massage Mat

Increase local circulation and temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite

How Does It Work?

The SweetCheeks massage mat has a remarkably simple function.

The mats are designed to massage the cheeks of your thighs and hips – where collagen most frequently collects. By massaging this part of the body, it enhances skin circulation. Greater circulation means more nutrients and more oxygen, nourishing those parts of the body now under the weight of cellulite.

This same theory underpins much of beauty therapy, such as facelifts. The purpose is to re-energize and re-nourish parts of the body. In the case of facelifts, it’s to remove dead skin cells and increase blood supply. This creates a vibrant, healthy outlook (if this work is undertaken frequently, of course). The same process works for the SweetCheeks mats.

So, while SweetCheeks mats do not remove the presence of cellulite, they reduce the outward appearance of cellulite in the short-term.

How Much Does The Sweet Cheeks Cellulite Massage Mat Cost?

Of course, we need to talk about cost, too.

SweetCheeks massage mats aren’t cheap. A pair of massage mats (with case) costs $99. You have a choice of six colors to choose from – turquoise, pink, purple, cool gray, smoke gray and midnight black. However, this is a one-time cost. The mats are durable and portable. They’re not heavy and nor are they inconvenient to store away.

The purchase also comes with instructions for best use and a 30-day money back guarantee. So, while the mats may initially seem expensive, they do come with these considerable long-term benefits. For each patient, it depends on whether you believe this cost is worth the transformative effect the mats have on the appearance of cellulite.  

In all, the SweetCheeks massage mats are a proven way to reduce the appearance of what has become a perennial burden for many women. While they come with an initial high price point, this price could be considered modest given the durable, versatile nature of the product and the therapeutic effect it offers.


Cellulite Massage Mat

SweetCheeks leverages your body weight against the textured surface of the mat to deliver an effective manual massage