Less Bacon, More Veggies, and Other Tips to Lower Cholesterol


Statistics show that more than 100 million Americans have high levels of cholesterol. The average cholesterol level for many is well above 200 mg/d, putting you at a greater risk of cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Stay healthy and lower your cholesterol with these tips!

1. Avoid Foods With High Levels of Saturated Fats

Tips to Lower Cholesterol

First and foremost, you should begin to cut out fats. A high-fat diet is heavily associated with high cholesterol. To begin your healthier lifestyle, reduce the intake of foods with high levels of saturated fats, trans fats, and dietary cholesterol.

Some of the foods to avoid include butter, red meat, palm oil and dairy products. Avoid products with partially hydrogenated fat. Instead, try increasing your intake of fish, like salmon, halibut, and trout.

2. Increase Your Fiber Intake

Tips to Lower Cholesterol

Fiber can bind to excess bile acids in your body, removing them from your blood circulation. This makes fibrous foods great for reducing cholesterol.

Add more beans, barley, fruits, and vegetables into your diet for fiber. You may want to increase consumption of vegetables like beets, okra or eggplant and fruits like pears, passion fruit, and berries.

3. Eat Protein Rich Plants Foods More Often

Tips to Lower Cholesterol

Although protein is an important part of the diet, traditional protein sources like red meat can adversely affect your cholesterol count. Reducing the number of meals you have featuring red meat can make a huge difference.

Nontraditional protein sources such as white beans and legumes can help keep cholesterol at a manageable level. Additionally, seeds and nut can modestly reduce LDL cholesterol levels.However, to avoid weight gain, be sure to keep the consumption of nuts at 1 ounce every day. Nuts and seeds are rich in calories.

However, to avoid weight gain, be sure to keep the consumption of nuts at 1 ounce every day. Nuts and seeds are rich in calories and easy to mindlessly consume.

4. Embark on a Weight Loss Program

Tips to Lower Cholesterol

Many of these tips may cause some weight loss, but you should also consider beginning an exercise program to help you lose more weight. Even something like taking a 20 minute walk twice a week can make a difference!

Losing excess weight can help improve the cholesterol profile while keeping diseases such high blood pressure, strokes and type 2 diabetes as well as cancer at bay.

5. Try Plant Sterol Supplements

Sterols occur naturally in plants. Research has shown that a daily consumption of 1 to 2 grams of plants sterol can help reduce LDL cholesterol. One of the best choices of sterol supplements is CholestOff since it does not contain trans fat, sugar calories or salt.



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6. Take Psyllium

Psyllium husks contain high volumes of fiber and laxative. One of the most popular brands of psyllium is Metamucil. According to research, taking 9 to 10 grams of psyllium (the equivalent of 3 teaspoons) on a daily basis can help lower cholesterol levels.

Be sure to take psyllium half an hour before meals to reap maximum benefits. This is another, and easier, way to add more fiber to your diet!

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