True Botanicals Review: Is It Really Safe & Proven?


More than ever, people expect natural products. The growing market for organic foods is one such example. But this trend for non-toxic, organic alternatives has spread much farther.

True Botanicals, an anti-ageing and skin protection product line, have carved their way into the highly competitive skincare market. Their stated aim is to “deliver the highest impact ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin”; a non-toxic range that combines organic ingredients and robust science.

The cost of their products varies – many averaging between $40 and $70, with some products, such as their repair serums, costing upwards of $140.

In summary, True Botanicals have provided an exciting organic alternative to conventional skincare products; part of an infectious, ever-growing trend bound to consume more industries in the years ahead.

True Botanicals Pros

The product line at True Botanicals come with an impressive range of advantages:

  • Their skincare products are manufactured using only organic, non-toxic ingredients.
  • Their stated purpose – that of an anti-aging effect – is reinforced by the scientific, double-blind studies they’ve conducted.
  • All their products are Made Safe Certified.
  • They offer a 30-day money back guarantee and free samples.

True Botanicals Cons

Though True Botanicals comes with many advantages, there are also some downsides to consider. These include:

  • The relative cost of the product. Given that most products range from $40 to $80, many of their products are upward of $100, with one product even reaching $380. This cost might, for some people, prove exorbitantly prohibitive.
True Botanicals Review

True Botanicals


Science leveraged to deliver the most potent ingredients in nature.

Do True Botanical's Products Work?

The stated purpose of True Botanicals is to provide a non-toxic, organic product – one filled with an abundance of natural ingredients – to deter the effects of aging and skin degradation. In that regard, there are two possible ways to assess whether it works: the direct experience of users and through the scientific evidence that supports their claims.

Let’s deal with the latter first. True Botanicals is Made Safe Certified. In fact, they have become the first skincare company to be awarded this distinguished title. Receiving this significant endorsement means that their product is safe to use, while also reinforcing their stated purpose that their product contains no “non-toxic” ingredients.

Second, their products have undergone an extensive range of third-party testing. This testing is comprised of scientific double-blind experiments; establishing whether the product has any meaningful effect. Given how extensive these experiments were, True Botanicals has firmly established itself as a reliable, go-to antiaging skincare product.

How Do True Botanical's Products Work?

True Botanicals Review

To understand how True Botanicals work, we need to consider what happens at the cellular level. It is only at this level that the effect of any formulation can be tested. These tests inform us how ingredients affect skin hydration, turnover, and overall health. It shows us how a product can if at all, impact the rate at which our skin ages.

On their website, True Botanicals lists the ingredients they use. Among them include apple cider vinegar; an ingredient known to balance the skin’s pH. Another ingredient, rosewood oil, works as an antiseptic – an ingredient with natural healing properties. Other ingredients, such as mango butter, has powerful moisturizing qualities.

The precise ingredients they use depends upon each formulation. They have an extensive product line. For example, they prepare cleansers, face oils, serums, mists and much more. What we do know, from their ingredient list and clinical trials, is that True Botanicals has firmly established itself as a viable means to reduce the ongoing effects of aging.

True Botanicals Review

True Botanicals


Science leveraged to deliver the most potent ingredients in nature.