Brompheniramine/Codeine Coupon and Discount

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Brompheniramine/Codeine Overview
Drug Name: Brompheniramine/Codeine
Brand Name(s): Lodrane 12 Hour
Drug Class: Antihistamine
Treats: Cough, Sneezes, Flu, Nasal congestion

Brompheniramine/Codeine is one of the drugs that are used to treat symptoms of flu, cough, sneezing and other respiratory related conditions. Brompheniramine/Codeine has also been linked with the treatment of mild pains. Basically, the medication is an antihistamine and that is why it is used to counter the mentioned conditions.

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  • Brompheniramine/Codeine Uses

    Brompheniramine/Codeine is listed as an antihistamine. This is because the drug plays a major role in countering the production of histamine chemical in the body. In this regard, some of the conditions that Brompheniramine/Codeine can be used to treat are those that may emanate from a high production of histamine. However, the drug may used for other purposes to be determined by a medical doctor only. Among the conditions that Brompheniramine/Codeine can be used to treat include:

    • Runny nose
    • Sneezing
    • Flu
    • Fever
    • Nasal congestion
    • Watery eyes
    • Itching

    Brompheniramine/Codeine has also been linked with treatment of pains, though mild.

  • Brompheniramine/Codeine Dosage

    Brompheniramine/Codeine may come in different formulations. However, the main formulations are to be consumed orally and not intravenously. In most cases, the drug comes in the form of oral tablets and immediate-release. It is considered very necessary to ensure that the full dosage of the mentioned drug is consumed. Overdose must be avoided at all costs.

    • Usual adult dosage should be between 6 mg and 12 mg. This should be consumed orally twice a day.
    • Pediatric dosage should be 0.125 mg/kg and should be consumed in intervals of 6 hours. The maximum dosage in cases of children should be 8 mg/day.
  • Brompheniramine/Codeine Side Effects

    While there may be a long list of drugs that can interact well with Brompheniramine/Codeine, not all may hit you. This implies that one patient may be different from another. It is very important to ensure that you are aware of the possible side effects and if possible play safe. Brompheniramine/Codeine has been linked with both serious and mild side effects, and that is why you need to play it safe in all aspects. In case an abnormal side effect is reported, it would be best to seek the necessary medical attention. Common side effects include:

    • Mouth swelling
    • Hallucinations
    • Blurred vision
    • Double vision
    • Irritation
    • Allergic reactions
    • Sore throat
  • Brompheniramine/Codeine Interactions

    Brompheniramine/Codeine has been linked with a number of interactions. So far, at least 612 drugs have been listed as interactions to the mentioned drug. It would be best to ensure that you are conversant with both positive and negative interactions. You must always consider taking positive interactions only. Important to note, interactions may lower the effectiveness of the main medication. Among the interactions include: