Clobetasol Coupon and Discount

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Clobetasol Overview
Drug Name: Clobetasol
Brand Name(s): olux, cormax, temovate, olux and olux-E
Drug Class: Topical steroids
Treats: Atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, skin inflammation, coin shaped rash, Scaly Oily Skin disorder on scalp and face

Clobetasol is a topical corticosteroid cream that treats itchiness and inflammation associated with particular skin disorders. This medication lowers chemical actions causing inflammation in your body. Clobetasol belongs to a class of drugs called topical steroids with a generic name clobetasol topical. It has the various brand names; Embeline, olux, cormax, temovate and olux-E.

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  • Clobetasol Uses

    Clobetasol treats an array of skin conditions such as allergies, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Clobetasol decreases the itching, redness and swelling occurring in these kinds of situations. It can also heal the scaly, rough patches on the skin that develop as a result of psoriasis. Clobetasol is a very powerful corticosteroid. In other words, it is super-high-potency. The drug also has emollients that moisturizes and softens the skin resulting in reduced flaking and itching cases. Emollients contained in Clobetasol also acts to protect the skin from irritation. Children under 12 years should not use this medication.

    • Skin Conditions
    • Eczema
    • Dermatitis
  • Clobetasol Dosage

    The information provided below is the necessary dosage used by most doctors to give Clobetasol to their patients. Depending on your medical history and condition, the physician may prescribe a different regimen. Don't start or stop using the medication or even change the prescribed drugs without medical consultation.

    • Clobetasol comes in the form of lotion, foam, gel, ointment, solution, cream and spray formulations.
    • Apply a thin film to the dry scalp once per day and give it 15 minutes for absorption then rinse. Administer for two weeks.
    • The maximum weekly dose is 50 mg or 50 ml
  • Clobetasol Side Effects

    Clobetasol medications might have its unwanted effects. Any unlikely situation you might experience, immediately seek medical attention. Common Side Effects with Clobetasol include:

    • blisters under the skin
    • burning, crawling, itching
    • numbness, prickling
    • pins and needles or tingling feelings
    • dry skin
    • flushing or skin redness
    • hives or welts
    • itching or rash, stinging
    • skin thinning with easy bruising
    • unusually warm skin

    Incidence not known

    • burning, blistering, dryness or flaking of the skin
    • swelling, itching, scaling or soreness of the skin
    • scaling and redness around the mouth
  • Clobetasol Interactions

    There are likely drug interactions with Clobetasol. Don't start or stop taking the medication or even change the prescribed dosage without consulting your healthcare professional. A few medicines that can cause severe interaction with Clobetasol include: