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Murad -


February 22, 2016 drugauthor
muradMurad Corporation is a company Headquartered in El Segundo, California United State. The company operates a chain of stores in the United States and all over the world. The company deals with beauty products and it’s a huge presence all over the world. Murad has managed to spread its tentacles in many parts of the market by setting manufacturing companies all over the world. Today the company boasts of having numerous concept stores in many countries such UK among others.

Murad deals mostly with skin products. Most of its products include skin care, anti-aging and acne products. Apart from selling their outlets, the company is also selling their products online via their e-buying system.

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About Murad

Murad’s products are categorized into three categories; skin care, anti-aging and acne products. These products work as beauty products and at the same as medicines for some conditions such as acne. These products are further divided into the categories to fit various customers’ demand. Skincare products are meant to maintain healthy skin by providing some of the natural nutrients. The products come in the form of;

  • Cleansers and toners
  • Oil controls
  • Hydration control
  • Lining and wrinkles control

Anti-aging products on the other hands are meant to treat the facial condition causing lines and wrinkles. Most of these products are supplied in the form of lotions that should be applied topically. The same case applies to acne products. Acne products can be used to reduce the effects of the acne conditions at an advanced breakout stage in both adults and children. A majority of the Murad’s products are supplied in the form lotions and are meant for topical applications.

Murad’s return policy

Returns are meant to cushion the buyer from buying defective product or product that does not safe. Dealing with returns is not an easy task and if not well controlled, they can result in huge losses. To manage the huge number of returns, and to ensure that only genuine cases are accepted, Murad Company has an elaborate return policy. If you buy a faulty product without knowing or don’t like the item, the company provides a clear way of returning it. Here are set rules that you must fulfill:

  • The product must be returned to any of the stores within 30 days after buying. An item that has passed the provided period will not be accepted back.
  • The original receipt must accompany the item being returned. With an original receipt, you will receive the full amount of the refund, but if you fail to produce, it will be hard to prove that the product was purchased in one of their stores.
  • The products such should not be used while it is being returned.