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About is an online retailer of wellness, beauty care products, and health. Founded in 1999, the company has grown to be one of the reputable online stores in the US. The website has been a reference to many, especially those purchasing prescription drugs. The store has also diversified its merchandise to include food and gourmet items, pets’ products, green and natural products.

Like a majority of online stores, has been changing with regards to market dynamics so as to remain competitive. The company allows customers to buy a membership through their Shoprunner membership program. Such customers are given special treatment. The is mainly meant to maintain customer loyalty to the retailer. products

Although the company was initially started as prescription drug website, the company has diversified its range of product. Currently, you can buy plenty of including food stuff. As a matter of factor, you can get over 65,000 products to choose from. Here are the main products that you shop from

  • Prescription drugs; this one website where you can find virtually any prescription drug.  They review every drug on their website and provide details to possible conditions that it can be used to treat.
  • Green and natural products; These are form of medicines that are mostly extracted from plants, and are known to treat certain medical conditions.
  • Pet products; these are products consumed by pets including drugs and foods. The website only stock certified pet products.
  • Beauty products; There is lots of beauty products that you shop from From their website, you will find all the products available on this. They include skin care, makeup, hair care, fragrance and many others. perks and deals

Shopping on, you will have an opportunity to enjoy attractive perks and deals. As an online store, the company has managed to lower their price compared to the physical retailers. By having a Shoprunner Membership, you will enjoy the plenty of perks from this website. Here are some of the perks and deals that you will enjoy;

  • Discounts; there are plenty of discounts that are offered by As an online store, the company has managed to cut most of the costs associated with rental charges and thus they can sell their products at a lower price.
  • Free shipping; every time you buy a product worth $35and above, the item will be shipped to place for free.
  • Cash backs; for every item that you buy, you are given a cash back of 5% that can be used to purchase other items in future.
  • Easy returns; if you buy an item, and you are not 100% satisfied, return policy is very elaborate on how to return such items.