Dipivefrin Coupon and Discount

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Dipivefrin Overview
Drug Name: Dipivefrin
Brand Name(s): Propine
Drug Class: sympathomimetics
Treats: Open angle glaucoma

Dipivefrin is a generic drug whose common brand name is Propine. Dipivefrin belongs to the class of drugs known as sympathomimetics. Dipivefrin works by decreasing the formation of fluid inside the eyeball and aids in fluid drainage from the eyeball. This medicine comes in the form of a 0.1% ophthalmic solution.

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  • Dipivefrin Uses

    Dipivefrin is used to treat a condition known as open angle glaucoma. When applied over the cornea in the eye, it reduces the formation of fluids and enables efficient drainage of fluids within the cornea. Dipivefrin use in treating glaucoma is preferred over other medicines because it is longer acting, has much better ocular tolerance levels and is a lot more consistent in its actions. Glaucoma is a condition that increases pressure in the eye and this can lead to a gradual loss of vision. Doctors may prescribe Dipivefrin use for other purposes not indicated here.

    • Open angle glaucoma
  • Dipivefrin Dosage

    Dipivefrin dosage will be prescribed by the doctor. Patients are advised to use Dipivefrin medication exactly as instructed.

    • Regular Dipivefrin dosage is 1, 2 eye drops every 12 hours.

    This medication always comes with a label containing instructions. Patients are highly advised to follow these instructions to the letter. Parts that cannot be understood should be referred to the doctor for explanation. Patients who require additional therapy may instill an extra eye drop in affected eye(s). in some cases, doctors may begin treatment using conventional epinephrine for one day after which the switch is made to Dipivefrin use.

  • Dipivefrin Side Effects

    It is possible that patients may suffer from some Dipivefrin side effects. Some Dipivefrin side effects are mild to moderate and will usually go away on their own after a couple of days. However, any serious Dipivefrin side effects or an allergic reaction should be reported to the doctor at once. Some of the Dipivefrin side effects include the following;

    • fast and irregular heartbeat
    • wheezing, chest pain
    • difficulty breathing
    • eye discomfort or irritation
    • blurred vision
    • pain or swelling in the eye
    • high sensitivity to light or glare

    These may not be all the possible side effects. Patients should report any previously unknown side effects to the doctor and seek assistance if they are severe.

  • Dipivefrin Interactions

    Drug interactions may affect the way the drug works and may result in unwanted consequences such as an allergic reaction or render the drug ineffective. It is very important that patients about to be prescribed Dipivefrin to list down all medications, drugs, herbal medicines and products they may be currently using. This list should then be shared with the doctor for a check of possible interactions with Dipivefrin. Doctors will also check for possible Dipivefrin interactions against the following;

    • allergy to dipivefrin
    • medication for high blood pressure or hypertension
    • any other eye medication
    • medication for heart or coronary conditions
    • multivitamins