Prescription Drugs Coupon List – Letter Y

This is a full list and index of all drug coupons for brand drugs that start with the letter Y.

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Drug Generic Drug Class Conditions
Y-90 Zevalin ibritumomab CD20 monoclonal antibodies Radiologic conjugating agents
Yasmin Drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol Oral contraceptives Pregnancy prevention,
Yaz Drospirenone Contraceptives Pregnancy prevention, ovarian cysts
Yellow Fever Vaccine YF-Vax Vaccinations Yellow fever Prophylaxis
Yervoy ipilimumab CTLA-4 Antagonists
Yocon Yohimbine Impotence agent impotence,
Yodefan NF Potassium guaiacolsulfonate Upper respiratory combinations Symptoms of respiratory infections
Yodoxin Iodoquinol Amebicides Intestinal infections
Yohimar Yohimbine Alkaloid
Yohimbe ALPROSTADIL Impotence Agents
Yohimex Yohimibine Impotence agents