Eltrombopag Coupon and Discount

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Eltrombopag Overview
Drug Name: Eltrombopag
Brand Name(s): Promacta
Generic Name(s): Eltrombopag
Drug Class: other systemic hemostatics
Treats: low levels of platelets

Eltrombopag is a generic drug whose brand name is Promacta. Eltrombopag is a fabricated protein that is used for platelets production. Platelets are used to help blood lot in the body. Eltrombopag belongs to a drug class that is known as other systemic hemostatics.

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  • Eltrombopag Uses

    Eltrombopag is a medication that is used for the treatment of low levels of platelets in people who are suffering from a certain illness that is known as chronic hepatitis C and thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP). Those who are suffering from aplastic anemia, which is a blood disorder, might also use Eltrombopag. Platelets are important in the body as it forms blood clot and prevent excessive bleeding. Eltrombopag decreases the risk of over bleeding by increasing the number of platelets in the blood. Eltrombopag works like natural substances that are known as thrombopoietin that causes the body to be able to produce proteins. Eltrombopag might also be used for other conditions that are not listed.

    • Chronic hepatitis C
    • Thrombocytopenia purpura
    • Aplastic anemia
  • Eltrombopag Dosage

    Before taking Eltrombopag, ensure that you have asked for the medical guide, read, and understood it. If there is anything that is not clear, have the doctor clarify it for you. This is important, as it will help, you understand about the product that you are using. Dosages tend to vary with your condition, and how your body reacts to medication.

    • For this medication use the lowest dose of Eltrombopag possible to achieve and maintain platelets count that is needed by the body.
    • Dosages vary from 25-100 mg per day. this should be taken once in a day.
    • Dosages should not exceed 100 mg per day unless your doctor recommends you to do so.

    Do not prolong dosages or increase dosages without consulting your doctor.

  • Eltrombopag Side Effects

    It is possible to get side effects while taking medication. However, you should note that if the doctor has prescribed Eltrombopag, it is because it has more benefits than side effects. However, this does not mean that you cannot get side effects. Of any of these conditions persists, report to your doctor as soon as possible;

    • Pain and ache in the body
    • Swelling of the face, arms and legs
    • Chills and fever
    • Having difficulty breathing
    • Headache
    • Cough
    • Loss of voice
    • Running nose
    • Tingling f hands and feet
    • Feeling tired for no reason
    • Gaining or losing weight for no reason
    • Pain in the bladder
    • Change in vision
  • Eltrombopag Interactions

    Drug interactions can alter how a medicine works or increase your chances of getting side effects. This is the reason that before taking Eltrombopag you should inform your doctor of all the medications taking. This is including of prescriptions, non-prescription, herbal products, and supplements. Your doctor might be aware of the products that interact with Eltrombopag and might be monitoring you for them. Some of the products that interact with Eltrombopag are;