Hemin Coupon and Discount

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Hemin Overview
Drug Name: Hemin
Brand Name(s): Panhematin
Drug Class: Enzyme Inhibitor
Treats: Blood Disorders

Hemin is categorized as one of the drugs that are used in treating certain blood disorders. The drug majorly works on blood cells and eventually restores the normal functionality of the blood. It is important to remember that Hemin is an enzyme inhibitor and it is made of red blood cells.

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  • Hemin Uses

    While Hemin is known to play the role of enhancing the health of your blood, there are other roles that the same drug plays. To begin with, the drug is a natural enzyme inhibitor. It is basically made from red blood cells, and that is why it is considered to be an inhibitor. The first role that the Hemin plays is to enhance circulation, particularly the transportation of necessary nutrients in the body. Aside from that, Hemin plays the role of treating Heme deficiency which majorly occurs in the liver. This is one of the serious conditions that the mentioned drug can treat.

    • Enhance Blood Health
    • Enhance Blood Circulation
  • Hemin Dosage

    It is important to note that consumption of Hemin should not be impromptu. It is advised that you take an alternate therapy first. This can be 400 g of glucose in a day. This should be consumed for the first few days prior to consuming hemin. It is recommended that you abide by the prescribed dosage as advised by your doctor in order to bring forth positive results in the end.

    • Adults are advised to consume 1 mg or 0.14 mL. This should be done based on the recommended consumption span by a medical doctor.
    • Abuse of the mentioned drug should be greatly discouraged.
  • Hemin Side Effects

    Consumers of Hemin may experience some side effects. It is however not defined on the number of side effects that should be expected. It is necessary to understand the kind of side effects that you are prone to after consuming Hemin. If it is possible to play defensive, then you should. The bottom line is that some of the side effects may be severe while others are just mild. Below is a list of some of the possible side effects:

    • Reduced urine
    • Easy bruising
    • Increased weight gain
    • Increased weight loss
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Sore throat
  • Hemin Interactions

    There are over 161 drugs which have already been enlisted as interactions to Hemin. It is for this reason that you need to be very keen in your selection for interactions. Make sure to tell your medical professional about all drugs, nonprescription and prescription, that you are taking. Below are some of the drugs that can interact with Hemin: