Hyaluronan Coupon and Discount

Hyaluronan Overview
Drug Name: Hyaluronan
Brand Name(s): Orthovisc
Drug Class: Viscosupplementation agents
Treats: Knee pain

Hyaluronan is a drug that works by reducing knee pain and hormones that result in inflammation also known as osteoarthritis. However, Hyaluronan acts as the synovial fluid in the joint. The synovial fluid acts as the shock absorber and also reduces friction. It is injected to reduce the pain

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  • Hyaluronan Uses

    Hyaluronan acts like the synovial fluid, its primary function is to treat the knee pain. The knee pain majorly happens when there is inadequate or no synovial fluid in the joint. Hyaluronan is subjected directly to the affected region and works as a lubricant to reduce friction and as a shock absorber, enabling the knee to move smoothly hence reducing the pain. Hyaluronan is used by patients who don't respond to their treatment that involve, exercise, acetaminophen or physical therapy.

    • knee pain
  • Hyaluronan Dosage

    The usual adult dosage of Hyaluronan is an injection that is also referred to as intra-articular which means it is administered directly into the joint. Therefore in one week for a period of three to 4 weeks, 2ml of Hyaluronan is to be administered to the patient unless directed otherwise by the physician. There could be some temporary swelling in the knee region just after the drug has been injected. In case there is joint effusion before the injection, it has to be removed, and a new syringe be used to inject another drug.

  • Hyaluronan Side Effects

    Upon administering this medication the patient will have to encounter some side effects as a result of the drug reacting with other elements of the body. They include:

    • Pain or swelling at the injected place
    • Achy feeling
    • Mild bruises
    • Heat
    • Redness
    • Knee inflammation

    It also recommended that the patient seek medical attention in case some of the serious side effects are noticed. They include:

    • Difficulty in breathing
    • Tightness in the chest
    • Face and Lips swell
    • Mouth and tongue swell
    • Rash
    • Hives
  • Hyaluronan Interactions

    Using different drugs may end up changing how one will be useful with medication the doctor has given him/her. It's however very important for the patient to inform the doctor of any drugs he/she has been using, whether herbal, those that were prescribed and those that were not prescribed so that the doctor can come up with the ultimate solution to treating this illness effectively. Below are some of the drugs that end up interacting with this kind of medication:

    • Cetylpridinium
    • Benza
    • Benzalkonium Chloride
    • Cure chrome
    • Protac
    • Tanak
    • Zephiran Chloride