Ibutilide Coupon and Discount

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Ibutilide Overview
Drug Name: Ibutilide
Brand Name(s): Corvert
Drug Class: Antiarrhythmic
Treats: Irregular heart rhythms

Ibutilide (Corvert) is an antiarrhythmic. It is used to treat irregular heart rhythms. Ibutilide is presented in form of an intravenous solution. This drug has confirmed to be the most effective in treating the irregular heart rhythms. Medics have done thorough research to confirm this information which has successfully been verified.

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  • Ibutilide Uses

    As previously mentioned, Ibutilide (Corvert) has effectively been confirmed to treat irregular heart rhythms. A lot of research and investigation has greatly approved Ibutilide effectiveness. This drug is presented in the form of an intravenous solution which is administered into the body by an injection.Ibutilide works by slowing the conduction of the irregular heartbeat in the whole heart. This conduction allows an opportunity for regular heartbeat rhythm to take over. A conducive environment for the heart is created. Tests are still ongoing to verify other Ibutilide functions.

    • Irregular Heart Rhythms
  • Ibutilide Dosage

    Dosage may differ from one individual to the other due to various things. Age is one of the common determinant as to the difference of Ibutilide dosage. Other causes include body weight, severity of the condition, other related conditions,the heart condition and an individual's tolerance. Ibutilide (Corvert) dosage is as follows: Adults:

    • Atrial Fibrillatio- Initial dosage for over 60 kg- 1 mg IV administered slowly over 10 minutes
    • Less than 60 kg- 0.01 mg/kg administered slowly for 10 minutes
    • Atrial Flutter- initial dosage for 60 kg -1 mg IV administered slowly for 10 minutes.Less than 60 kg- 0.01 mg/kg IV administered slowly over 10 minutes.
  • Ibutilide Side Effects

    Despite the good effects caused by Ibutilide it also brings some unwanted side effects. A few of these effects are common while others are severe. Common side effects fade as time goes by after the body gets used to medication. Severe side effects must always be reported to the professions. Severe side effects may be fatal to your health hence creating more complicated illness. The list below contains the side effects caused by Ibutilide (Corvert):

    • Palpitation
    • Nausea
    • Headache
    • Vomiting
    • Hypotension
    • Dizziness
    • Cardiac conduction
    • General body weakness
  • Ibutilide Interactions

    Due to large number of patients suffering from heart related conditions, medics have done their research to search for more drugs that can be used together with Ibutilide and work effectively. Indeed research has confirmed a total of 1085 drugs that can interact perfectly with Ibutilide. Queues in hospitals have greatly reduced after the confirmation of these interactions. Patients should know that they are not supposed to buy drugs from drug shops without the doctor's prescription.Ibutilide interactions are: