Imiquimod Coupon and Discount

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Imiquimod Overview
Drug Name: Imiquimod
Brand Name(s): Zyclara
Drug Class: Immune Response Modifier
Treats: Genital Warts and Skin Infections

Zyclara is an immune response modifier drug. It has the capacity to remedy and cure a number of conditions. Research done with regard to Zyclara indicated that the drug works majorly on skin as well as genital related ailments. Administration of the drug should be done based on the prescription given by the doctor.

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  • Imiquimod Uses

    In most cases, Zyclara comes in the topical form. A lot of roles have been connected with Zyclara so far. However, there are three roles of Zyclara which tend to dominate the others. Important to note, Zyclara acts majorly on the skin and genitals. Its key uses include: treatment of Actinic Keratosis, which is a condition that comes after long exposure of your skin to the sun. It is majorly seen on the face and scalp. Zyclara works very effectively in restoring the nature of your skin should Actinic Keratosis hit you. It also is used in the treatment of minor skin cancer. The drug is opted for when surgery is ruled out of the picture. Zyclara has been connected to the control and treatment of genital warts, though not fully. However, the curative claims attributed to the drug with regard to genital warts are more on the positive side than the negative.

    • Actinic Keratosis
    • Skin Cancer
    • Genital Warts
  • Imiquimod Dosage

    Considering that Zyclara is used to remedy different skin conditions alongside genital warts, dosage may vary accordingly. It comes in the form of topical cream hence application is only on the skin and not through the mouth. Below is the dosage information based on different conditions cured by Zyclara:

    • Actinic Keratosis- Application of Zyclara should be done at least once in a day. This should be done prior to bedtime. A treatment cycle of 2 weeks is recommended. A thin film of Zyclara should be applied entirely on the affected part (face and scalp). 0.5 grams of Zyclara is recommended for each application. Important to note, you must wash your hands thoroughly before application.
    • Genital Warts- It is advised that you apply a thin film of Zyclara on the affected parts of your genitals. Important to note, Zyclara at this case is used on external genital warts and not the internal ones. 0.25 grams is the amount recommended for genital warts. If need be, you can ask for application demonstration from your medic.
  • Imiquimod Side Effects

    Based on previous records, it is possible to register some side effects after using Zyclara. The level of severity may vary depending on how sensitive your body is. However, side effects are felt both externally and internally. Zyclara side effects are listed below. Note, not all possible side effects are listed.

    • Sour throat
    • Runny nose
    • Stomach pains
    • Genital itchiness
    • Painful urination
    • Scaling
    • Cough
    • Chills
    • Fatigue
    • Loss of voice
  • Imiquimod Interactions

    Most drugs which are applied on the skin do not blend well with Zyclara. It is advised that you use Zyclara as a singular dosage and not concurrently with other drugs of the same caliber. However, other drugs consumed orally may work just fine with Zyclara as long as they are not directed to the skin. Consult with your medical professional before starting this drug. Inform your doctor of the medicines that you are taking; this is inclusive of prescription, nonprescription, herbal medicines and supplements.