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Ioversol Overview
Drug Name: Ioversol
Brand Name(s): Optiray 240, Optiray 300, Optiray 320, Optiray 350, Optiray 160
Drug Class: Non-ionic iodinated contrast media
Treats: diagnose certain disorders of the heart, brain, and blood vessels.

Ioversol (eye oh VERS ol) is a radiopaque (RAY dee oh payk) contrast agent. It contains iodine, a substance that absorbs x-rays. Radiopaque contrast agents allow blood vessels, organs, and other non-bony tissues to be viewed more vividly on CT scan or any other x-ray examination.

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  • Ioversol Uses

    Ioversol (eye oh VERS ol) being a radiopaque contrast agent is used to help diagnose certain disorders of the heart, brain and blood vessels. Ioversol is also used to allow blood vessels, organs and other non-bony tissues to be seen more vividly during a CT scan or other radiologic examinations. It also contains iodine which is used to absorb x-rays.However, Ioversol may be used for other purposes but only determined by the doctor. This medication should be used by the doctor alone. You should not use this medication if you have any allergic reaction towards this drug.

    • Diagnosis of heart, brain, and blood disorders
  • Ioversol Dosage

    Ioversol (eye oh VERS ol) dosage varies with the age of the patient. There are different dosages for various medications which include: peripheral Arteriography, Cerebral Arteriography, and Visceral Arteriography. Adult Dose for Cerebral Arteriography

    • 2 to 12 mL, repeated as necessary
    • Aortic arch injection for a simultaneous four vessel study requires 20 to 50 mL
    • Total procedural doses should not usually exceed 200 mL.

    Adult Dose for Peripheral Arteriography

    • aorta-iliac runoff - 60 mL (range 20 to 90 mL)
    • common iliac, femoral - 40 mL (range 10 to 50 mL)
    • subclavian, brachial - 20 mL (range 15 to 30 mL)
    • Total procedural doses should not usually exceed 250 mL.

    Adult Dose for Visceral Arteriography

    • aorta - 45 mL (range 10 to 80 mL)
    • celiac - 45 mL (range 12 to 60 mL)
    • superior mesenteric - 45 mL (range 15 to 60 mL)
    • renal or inferior mesenteric - 9 mL (range 6 to 15 mL)
    • Total procedural doses should not usually exceed 250 mL.
  • Ioversol Side Effects

    Ioversol (eye oh VERS ol) has various side effects whereby some may be reported while other not. Some of the side effects of ioversol can occur up to 24hours after you have received he medication. Consult your doctor if you experience any of these side effects while taking this medication. Common side effects of Ioversol

    • a light-headed feeling, like you, might pass out
    • slow heart rate
    • swelling
    • rapid weight gain
    • little or no urinating
    • wheezing or trouble breathing
    • seizure (convulsions)
    • heart attack symptoms
    • chest pain or pressure
    • pain spreading to your jaw or shoulder
    • nausea
    • sweating
    • warmth or pain when the medicine is injected
    • confusion
    • dizziness
    • spinning sensation
    • headache
    • slurred speech
    • problems with vision or balance.
  • Ioversol Interactions

    Ioversol (eye oh VERS ol) has various drugs that interact with. These interactions should be determined by the doctors since they have the best information concerning this medication. Ioversol interacts with over 100 other types of drugs. Do not combine this medication if not instructed by the doctor to avoid serious side effects that may come along. Seek medical advice for instructions. Drugs that interact with Ioversol