L-Methylfolate Coupon and Discount

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L-Methylfolate Overview
Drug Name: L-Methylfolate
Brand Name(s): Deplin
Drug Class: Food Suppliments
Treats: Managing folate deficiency, hyperhomocysteinemia

l-methylfolate is a medical food for people who have a folate deficiency. Folate is a form of B vitamins which is required in the body for the production of red blood cells. A folate deficiency in the body can be caused by lack of folate din the diet. Some medications and medical conditions can also lead to a folate deficiency.

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  • L-Methylfolate Uses

    L-Methylfolate is one of the drugs that considered to be a medical food. It is medical food in the sense that it has some supplement properties which are not found in other medical drugs. The drug has a number of role to play. To begin with, the drug helps in elevating the level of red blood cells. Note that L-Methylfolate is a vitamin by nature and that is why its main role is to boost the amount of red blood cells. Aside from that, the drug is also used in boosting the level of plasma. This is a very important blood constituent in the blood whose deficiency can amount to very serious implications.

    • Low Red Blood Cells
    • Low Plasma Levels
  • L-Methylfolate Dosage

    l-methylfolate dosage depends on the medical condition and can be taken with or without food. Speak to a medical professional for more information on the l-methylfolate dosage.

    • For folic acid deficiency, 15mg is administered via mouth once in a day
    • 1mg is administered once in a day for hyperhomocysteinemia
    • The effectiveness of L-methyfolate is enhanced by taking it around the same time on a daily basis
    • If you forget to take dose, you can skip it and wait for the next scheduled time or take it immediately you remember if the time for your next dose is not near
  • L-Methylfolate Side Effects

    It is common for drugs to have side effects. Most side effects usually disappear on their own. However, if any of the following persist or insist to a severe degree, you should seek immediate medical attention. Most common side effects are:

    • Nausea
    • Loss of appetite
    • Bloating
    • Bitter taste in the mouth

    Some rarer and more serious side-effects include:

    • Difficulty breathing
    • Swelling of the face

    Seek immediate medical attention should you experience any of the above side effects.

  • L-Methylfolate Interactions

    Drug interactions occur with either of the drug reducing the effectiveness of the other or either of the drugs increasing the side effects of each other. Despite the interactions, some medicines need to be combined but with close monitoring for reactions. To prevent these reactions, it is always important to inform your doctor of any medicine that you are taking or any medical condition you have currently or have had in the past. The following drugs interact with l-methylfolate:

    The dosage of drugs can be adjusted accordingly depending on the reaction. A prescription can also be cancelled if it causes more risks.