Methacholine Coupon and Discount

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Methacholine Overview
Drug Name: Methacholine
Brand Name(s): Provocholine
Drug Class: Cholinergic agents
Treats: Diagnostic test for asthma

Methacholine is a bronchoconstrictor agent that is used for the diagnosis of bronchial hyperreactivity. Methacholine powder should be administered by inhalation in solution only by using a nebulizer. Although this is the hallmark of asthma and other chronic pulmonary diseases, methacholine should never be used as a therapeutic agent. A methacholine challenge or diagnosis should only be performed by a trained physician.

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  • Methacholine Uses

    Administration of methacholine by inhalation can cause reduced respiratory function and hence should be done under the supervision of an experienced doctor. Patients with severe conditions of severe hyperreactivity can experience a reduction in respiratory function or bronchoconstriction even with very little dosages of about 0.025 mg/ml. When performing the Provocholine challenge emergency equipment, contraindications and precautions that are used in managing or monitoring, respiratory distress should be immediately available. A bronchodilator agent should be administered in case severe bronchoconstriction is experienced. A methacholine challenge should not be performed on a patient with low baseline pulmonary function tests and asthmatic conditions.

    • Diagnosis of Bronchial Hyperreactivity
  • Methacholine Dosage

    Each 20 mL vial of Methacholine has 100 mg of methacholine chloride powder that is supposed to be reconstituted with 0.9% sodium chloride that contains 0.4% phenol. The patient to be subjected to the Methacholine challenge has to have an FEV1 that is not below 70% of the predicted value. The physician has to calculate and make recordings of the target value before starting the Methacholine challenge. The Methacholine target level for a positive challenge is predicted to be a 20% reduction in the FEV1 compared with baseline. Patients with hay fever or asthma should never handle any Methacholine dilutions.

  • Methacholine Side Effects

    If instructions are followed carefully the likelihood of side effects is limited. However, if you experience any severe side effects consult with a medical professional immediately. Adverse reactions: A patient can experience adverse reactions towards inhaled methacholine such as:

    • Lightheadedness
    • Throat irritations
    • Mild headaches
    • Itching

    Methacholine should be administered only through inhalation. But if administered through injections or orally a patient will experience side effects like:

    • Vomiting
    • Fainting
    • Transient heart block
    • Substernal pressure
    • Hypotension
  • Methacholine Interactions

    Administration of Methacholine to patients should only be performed if and only when the physician is satisfied that it's necessary. Patients should consult with their doctors before taking the methacholine challenge if they have:

    • Epilepsy
    • Cardiovascular disease coupled with bradycardia and vagotonia
    • Peptic ulcer disease
    • Thyroid disease
    • Urinary tract obstruction