Metolazone Coupon and Discount

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Metolazone Overview
Drug Name: Metolazone
Brand Name(s): Zaroxolyn
Drug Class: Blood Pressure
Treats: Blood Pressure

Metolazone is one of the drugs whose fundamental role is to control high blood pressure. This is achieved indirectly through. It is indirect in the sense that Metolazone creates a certain influence in the kidney such that water is no longer absorbed into the bloodstream. In other words, the amount of fluids in the blood are reduced hence controlling the flowing pressure.

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  • Metolazone Uses

    Instead of allowing water to be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream, Metolazone changes the course and instead instigates the process of changing water into urine. This in returns ensures that your body is not overloaded with high amounts of blood. In this regard, the primary role of Metolazone is to reduce blood pressure. Aside from that, Metolazone is considered to be a blood purification aid. This is for the fact that it instigates the process of converting water into urine. This is basically connected to the overall performance of the kidney. Without proper processing of water in the kidneys, blood composition may be out of range hence threatening your health. Elimination of toxic chemicals in the body is also part of the roles played by Metolazone.

    • High Blood Sugar
  • Metolazone Dosage

    Hypertension and edema are some of the conditions that Metolazone can treat successfully. In this regard, dosage for this particular drug may be done based on the condition suffered by a certain patient. It is greatly recommended that prescription of Metolazone should be individualized rather that being generalized. This is because some other factors aside from ailments may also play a contributing factor to prescription determination. Dosage information is as follows:

    • Hypertension- The initial dosage for those suffering from hypertension should be 2.5 mg of Metolazone. This should be consumed just once in a day.
    • Edema- Initial dosage for Edema patients should be 5 mg of Metolazone per day. Only a single dosage is recommended in a day.
  • Metolazone Side Effects

    Considering that this particular drug works on the kidneys and the general blood circulation, it is almost obvious that some side effects will be experienced soon after consuming it. Some of the side effects must be kept under the watch of a doctor due to the level of severity they can instigate in a particular patient. On the other hand, there are side effects which are hardly felt. This depends on how sensitive your body is. In an event of severe side effects, it would be a wise idea to seek prompt advice from a medical practitioner. Some of the side effects involved include:

    • Cold sweat
    • Joint pain
    • Dark urine
    • Increased urine levels
    • convulsions
    • Bloating
    • irritation
    • Nausea
    • Rashes
    • Trembling
    • Breathing difficulties
  • Metolazone Interactions

    Although some drugs may interact well with Metolazone, there are others that do not. Currently, there are over 3300 drugs believed to form a very comfortable interaction with Metolazone, with many more yet to be confirmed. It is your obligation to open up with your doctor in order to explain if there are other prevailing health conditions which can render another drug un-interactive with metolazone. The last thing you want is to suffer even worse complications simply because you chose the wrong drug interactions. Here are some of the drugs believed to interact well with Metolazone: