Namenda Xr Coupon and Discount

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Namenda Xr Overview
Drug Name: Namenda Xr
Generic Name(s): Memantine
Drug Class: NMDA Receptor Antagonists
Treats: Dementia

Namenda XR works by blocking excess activity of glutamate, which may reduce the symptoms associated with Alzheimer's disease. This extended-release capsule is an N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA)-receptor antagonist. Namenda XR is used to treat moderate to severe Alzheimer-type dementia but is not a cure for Alzheimer disease.

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  • Namenda Xr Uses

    Namenda XR is used to treat symptoms associated with Alzheimer disease such as moderate to severe dementia. Namenda XR is not a cure for Alzheimer disease but has been shown effective in treating dementia of this type. Namenda XR may be prescribed for other conditions as determined by your health care provider.

  • Namenda Xr Dosage

    The recommended dosage of Namenda XR is 28 mg/day. Patients should begin their regimen at a starting dose of 7 mg/day. Dosage should be increased in 7 mg increments and maintained when reached 28 mg. The interval between dosage increases should be a minimum of one week and should only be increased if the current dose is well tolerated. Namenda XR can be taken with or without food and can be swallowed or opened and sprinkled in applesauce or pudding prior to administration. The entire capsule should be consumed and not divided or taken at a later time. If a patient misses a dose, do not double up but take the next dose at the scheduled time.

  • Namenda Xr Side Effects

    As with any medication, there is a risk of side effects and the most common with Namenda XR are headache, dizziness, and diarrhea. Talk with your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms while taking Namenda XR: NauseaVomitingConstipationWeight loss/Loss of appetiteFatigueRapid pulseRashSwelling or redness of the eye/eye areaIncreased urination If you experience any of these more serious side effects, stop using Namenda XR and call your doctor immediately: Sudden numbness or weakness (especially on one side of the body)Lack of coordinationFaintingSeizureCough, chest tightness, labored breathingUrinating less than usual or not at allHallucinations

  • Namenda Xr Interactions

    Increased side effects could occur if you are taking Amantadine carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, ketamine or sodium bicarbonate. Studies show that the clearance of memantine is reduced an estimated 80% under alkaline urine conditions at pH 8 and alterations of urine pH may lead to an accumulation of the drug, possibly increasing adverse reactions and should not be used under these conditions. Namenda should be used with caution when combined with other NMDA antagonists because the combined use has not been systematically evaluated. If you are pregnant, nursing, have liver, bladder or kidney problems, history of seizure or a condition that raises the pH levels of your urine, you should consult your doctor before use. The following drugs interact with Namenda XR: AccureticAcetaminophenAccuHist PDX Syrup