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Natazia Overview
Drug Name: Natazia
Generic Name(s): Estradiol valerate/Dienogest
Drug Class: Estrogen/Progestin combinations
Treats: Birth control, heavy menstruation, acne

Natazia is a medication that is classified as a birth control or oral contraceptive. Natazia is primarily used to prevent the occurrence of pregnancy in women of childbearing age. This drug is made up of a combination of estradiol and dienogest, which are female hormones that inhibit ovulation.

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  • Natazia Uses

    Natazia is primarily used in preventing pregnancy. It contains dienogest, a progestin, and estradiol valerate, which is an estrogen. It works by making the vaginal fluid thicker, thereby preventing the sperm cells from reaching the ovum. It also alters the uterine walls preventing the attachment of the fertilized ovum. Natazia can also make the menstrual periods more regular. It also reduces blood loss and stops painful periods. It can also be used in treating acne and lower the risks of developing ovarian cysts. Natazia is also used for treating heavy menstrual bleeding that does not result from any medical problem affecting the uterus.

    • Birth Control
  • Natazia Dosage

    The administration of Natazia will differ depending on your medical history and the reason you are taking this medication. Do not modify the dosage or discontinue this medication without informing your doctor. The standard dosage and administration of Natazia is as follows:

    • Adult: one tablet daily for 28 days
    • Natazia pills come in 5 different colors. Individuals should take a single pill every day as directed on the pack label. The 1st dark yellow pill should be taken on the first and second day. The red tablet should be administered on day 3 up to day 7. One light yellow pill should be taken btw day 8 to 24. The dark red tablets should be taken on day 25 and 26. You should then start a new pack the next day after completing your last tablet.
    • Children: This medication is not suitable for premenarchal children
  • Natazia Side Effects

    Side effects will accompany all medications even after taking them as recommended. However, individuals should consult their doctor for advice or medical attention if some of these side effects become troublesome or persist for a longer time. Less serious side effects of Natazia are:

    • Mild nausea or vomiting
    • Bloated stomach
    • Stomach cramps
    • Breast tenderness or pain
    • Weight gain
    • Problems with your contact lenses
    • Low sex drive
    • Vaginal discharge or itching
    • Freckles or blackening of facial skin,
    • Acne
    • Very light menses
    • Bleeding or spotting between menstrual periods
  • Natazia Interactions

    When Natazia is taken with other medications, their effects can be decreased, increased or even altered. Therefore, you should consult your doctor before you take Natazia with other drugs. Natazia can also affect the results of some lab tests such as lipids, binding proteins, glucose tolerance and coagulation factors tests.