Navstel Coupon and Discount

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Navstel Overview
Drug Name: Navstel
Generic Name(s): Calcium Chloride, Glucose, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Glutathione, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride
Drug Class: Antidotes, Acidifiers, carbohydrates, and electrolyte solutions
Treats: Eye condition during surgical procedures such as cataract surgery

Navstel is a drug that acts to maintain the natural eye condition during surgical procedures for example during cataract surgery. It is an ophthalmic irrigation that is a sterile cleaning solution. Navstel is available in generic form as intraocular or ophthalmic solution (Calcium Chloride, Glucose, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Glutathione, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride). It has various brand names which include Balanced Salt Solution, BSS, Endosol Extra, BSS Plus, and Navstel.

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  • Navstel Uses

    Navstel is a balanced salt ophthalmic solution or an intraocular irrigation and sterile solution for the application during the ophthalmic surgical operations involving eye perfusion. The surgical procedures are such as anterior and vitrectomy segment reconstruction or the cataract surgery. Navstel medication acts to maintain the natural eye condition during these surgical procedures. During operations like cataract surgery of the eye, the normal conditions of the eye are vital for the operating surgeon give a successful cataract surgery. Navstel provides the required normal eye condition. It acts as an antidote, Acidifier, carbohydrate, and electrolyte solutions.

    • Eye Surgery
  • Navstel Dosage

    The following details indicate the average Navstel dosage that most physicians give to their patients. Follow your doctor's directions and orders on the label. If you find your dosage different, do not start or stop taking it or even change it unless instructed by your healthcare provider. The usual Navstel dosage is as follows:

    • Navstel solution supply is in two sizes, 500 ml and 250 ml
    • Use Navstel solution according to the standard technique that the operating surgeon applies in the reconstitution, intravenous infusion or an injection.
  • Navstel Side Effects

    Navstel medications can have its unwanted effects. Any unlikely situation you might experience, immediately seek medical attention. The more common side effects are:

    • eye discomfort, blurred vision
    • dry eye, other eye problems
    • headache
    • bleeding of your eye
    • cloudiness of your eyes
    • eye discomfort or inflammation
    • increased pressure in your eye
    • swelling in your eye

    The less common side effects are

    • macular edema
    • iritis
    • conjunctival hyperemia
    • retinal hemorrhage
    • ocular discomfort
    • posterior capsule opacification
  • Navstel Interactions

    Currently, there are no significant drug interactions with Navstel that has been reported. However mention the list of the medications you use to your healthcare professional including vitamins, herbal products, over the counter and prescription drugs. Also, you shouldn't change your prescribed medication or start or even stop using the Navstel drug without seeking medical consultation. Ask your physician or read the label about the types or skin parts you should apply Navstel. For the lactating mothers, seek medical consultation before breastfeeding.