Neocidin Coupon and Discount

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Neocidin Overview
Drug Name: Neocidin
Generic Name(s): Carboxylic acid and derivatives,antibiotic and aminoglycoside combination
Drug Class: Carboxylic acid and derivatives,antibiotic and aminoglycoside combination
Treats: Bacterial conjuctivitis

Neocidin is an ophthalmic solution which comprises of three drugs which individually play vital roles in managing bacterial infections that affect the eye. Neocidin has neomycin an aminioglicoside, polymyxin B an antibiotic and Gramicidin which belongs to a rare class of drugs known as carboxylic acid and derivatives.

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  • Neocidin Uses

    Neocidin, being an antibiotic which treats the eye while considerably soothing it, is used mainly in the management of bacterial infections where gram-positive bacteria have been implicated. Among the diseases that Neocidin caters for is bacterial conjunctivitis. Below are some of the organisms that are sensitive to Neocidin:-

    • Haemophilus influenza
    • Streptococcal pneumonia
    • Escherichia coli
    • Klebsiella species
    • Neisseria species
    • Pseudomonas aeruginous

    Other Neocidin uses may be determined by your ophthalmologist and lab results which may show sensitivity to the disease causing organism. It should also be noted that topical solutions of Neocidin are available which serve to treat some mild skin infections.

  • Neocidin Dosage

    Neocidin should only be used with proper doctor instructions. Before using Neocidin to cure your ailment it is important to know how to use it. Below are some tips that may help you with that:-

    • The first step is to ensure that you double check the expiry date and ensure that the yellow seal is not tampered with.
    • After you have washed the affected eye and dried it you administer 1-2 drops while maintaining a position that will facilitate accuracy and precision. This may require another pair of hands.

    While administering Neocidin make sure that the tip of the dropper does not come into contact with the eye as contamination is inevitable rendering the drug useless afterwards. Bacterial conjunctivitis:

    • Adults and children: 1-2 drops every 6-8 hours depending on the severity of the illness.
  • Neocidin Side Effects

    Below you will find side effects that are associated with Neocidin. These side effects do not appear under normal circumstances so they should never be taken lightly when they do. If these effects occur, then you should consult your physician or the nearest health facility.

    • Temporary blurring of vision
    • Rashes
    • Swelling of the eye
    • Reddening of the eye

    Other than the above-mentioned side effects, it is harmless to say that Neocidin has a quantifiable level of safety if administered as most of these effects as a result of an allergic reaction or hypersensitivity.

  • Neocidin Interactions

    There are no known drug interacts that are related to the use of Neocidin. Neocidin can be used alongside any other drug without any worries about your health risks. However, some conditions may rite you off from using Neocidin. It is always important to check with your doctor if you need to take an additional drug which has not been prescribed to avoid side effects that may ensue.