Nidagel Coupon and Discount

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Nidagel Overview
Drug Name: Nidagel
Generic Name(s): Metronidazole vaginal
Drug Class: Vaginal anti-infectives
Treats: Bacteria vaginosis, inflammatory disease, intra-abdominal infections, periodontitis, lung abscess

Nidagel is a drug found in the class of antibiotics. It is commonly used to treat infections caused by certain bacteria, but can be prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner for other uses. Nidagel can be available in different brand names and in different forms, but they all work by killing the bacterial and parasites.

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  • Nidagel Uses

    Nidagel is commonly used to treat protozoa and anaerobic bacteria like vaginal infections in women. It can as well be used to treat other bacterial infections such as Bacteria vaginosis, inflammatory disease, intra-abdominal infections, periodontitis, lung abscess and other infections caused by anaerobic organisms like fusobacterium and prevotella species. Nidagel can also be used by people recovering from surgeries to prevent infections. However, Nidagel is only prescribed to non-pregnant women to control or avoid adverse side effects. Talk to your doctor about your medical history and any other medication you might be going through. This helps the doctor to give wise recommendations on how to use Nidagel.

    • Potozoa Bacteria
    • Anaerobic Bacterial
    • Bacterial Infections
  • Nidagel Dosage

    Doctors recommend complete dosage to get good results by the end of the medication period using Nidagel. Nidagel comes in form of tablets or gel/cream. You can follow the instructions given on the label or get help from a doctor. Dosage normally depends on the condition being treated and its response to the drug.

    • Adults should take 500mg by mouth after every eight hours or twice in a day.
    • When treating trichomoniasis, one should take a dosage of 2000mg orally with food.
    • For vaginal infections, one should apply Nidagel cream/gel once or twice a day as advised by a doctor.
    • When treating children, dosage should be directed by a doctor.
  • Nidagel Side Effects

    Despite Nidagel's positive results, it causes some side effects to the user, but might vary from one individual to another. In case you realize any side effect, it is recommended you inform your doctor to take the necessary actions. Some of the common negative effects to expect include;

    • painful sexual intercourse
    • itchy vagina
    • white vaginal discharge
    • abdominal cramping
    • redness of the vagina
    • urge of often urination
    • burning effect while urinating and
    • irritation of the penis

    Less common side effects include;

    • diarrhea
    • loss of appetite
    • dizziness
    • vomiting, nausea
    • dry mouth
    • headache and
    • change in taste sensation

    Do not ignore any side effect and instead seek doctor's assistance when they persist.

  • Nidagel Interactions

    Nidagel normally interact with other drugs, and only with the help of a doctor can you avoid this. Make sure you discuss your medical history with the doctor prior to Nidagel medication to avoid unnecessary adverse effects. If you are undergoing any other medication, tell your doctor for him/her to take the right precaution. The following are some of the drugs expected to interact with Nidagel;

    There are other over the counter drugs not mentioned here and herbal products that can interact with Nidagel and caution should be taken when taking any of them.