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Nimbex Overview
Drug Name: Nimbex
Generic Name(s): Cisatracurium
Drug Class: Neuromuscular blocking agent
Treats: Relaxes muscles before surgery

Nimbex (Cisatracurium) is a muscle relaxant. It is an effective drug that is majorly used in Health Centers. It relaxes muscles mostly during surgery or insertion of a breathing tube. Cisatracurium is administered into the body by use of an injection.

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  • Nimbex Uses

    Nimbex (Cisatracurium) is majorly used by surgeons. It is used to make the muscles relax during surgery. This drug has been rated the best in its function because the results that have been registered are positive. Nimbex is also used to relax muscles during medically assisted breathing or insertion of a breathing tube.Cisatracurium works by blocking the effects of a chemical which is involved in muscle contraction. Relaxation of muscles brought about by this drug makes the action much easier and fast.

    • Muscle Relaxant
  • Nimbex Dosage

    Nimbex dosage should always be prescribed by a profession. Its dosage is always different from one individual to the other. Cisatracurium (Nimbex) dosage varies due to things such as the rate of muscle contraction, anticipated time for surgery, the patient's tolerance, age and other related illnesses. Dosage must not be added or reduced anyhow. There must be a concrete reason and an advice from the doctor. Nimbex (Cisatracurium) dosage is as follows:

    • Adults: Initial dosage- 0.15- 0.20 mg/kg for clinically effective duration of 20 to 25 minutes. Maintenance dosage- 0.03 mg/kg is added for a prolonged duration of about 30 to 40 minutes of action.
    • Children between 2 and 12 years old: 0.10 to 0.15mg/kg for a clinical duration of 43 minutes.
    • Infants 1 month to 23 months: 0.15 mg/kg for about 43 minutes.
  • Nimbex Side Effects

    Although Nimbex (Cisatracurium) works effectively to its purpose, it also has some unwanted side effects. A number of these side effects are common. Therefore, there is no need of reporting them to a medic because they cease with time. However, sometimes patients may experience severe side effects. In case this happens, medical assistance should be consulted promptly. The following are Nimbex side effects:

    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Headache
    • Dizziness
    • Fever
    • Prolonged recovery from neuromuscular blockage
  • Nimbex Interactions

    A number of about 259 interactions have been working effectively together with Nimbex (Cisatracurium). Medics have recorded positive results after a series of investigations. More research to verify more interactions is still going on. It should be noted that these interactions must not be bought in drug shops without the doctor's prescription. Misuse of these drugs can cause total damage to your health. Nimbex interactions include: