Notuss Pe Liquid Coupon and Discount

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Notuss Pe Liquid Overview
Drug Name: Notuss PE Liquid
Generic Name(s): Codeine and phenylephrine
Drug Class: Narcotics, decongestant
Treats: Cough and common cold

Notuss PE Liquid is a combination of narcotic codeine and decongestant phenylephrine. Codeine destroys cough and phenylephrine relieves nasal congestion by shrinking the blood vessels in the nasal passages. Thus, Notuss PE Liquid treats nasal congestion and cough caused by common cold. Notuss PE Liquid also has antitussive, a narcotic cough suppressant which affects a part of the brain, to lessen the urge to cough.

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  • Notuss PE Liquid Uses

    Notuss PE Liquid uses are for temporary treatment of congestion and cough which are caused by flu, common cold and other breathing-related illnesses or those pertinent to sinusitis and bronchitis. The doctor may determine other Notuss PE liquid uses not found on the medication label. However, Notuss PE Liquid uses do not include treating cough from emphysema, smoking or asthma. The medication does not apply to ongoing coughs caused by asthma, emphysema, smoking or mucus-filled cough, unless the doctors directs it.

    • Congestion
    • Cough
    • Flu
    • Common Cold
  • Notuss PE Liquid Dosage

    Notuss PE Liquid dosage is based on the patient's health condition, response to treatment and age. This medication is usually taken orally, with food or milk suggested to avoid stomach upset, though it can be taken without food. It should be followed by plenty of fluids to help loosen the mucus in the lungs. Withdrawal reactions may be experienced by patients who are regularly taking the drugs for a long time, more than a few weeks and when in high doses. This does not happen with adjustment of Notuss PE Liquid dosage by the doctor. Though it does not happen often, it can also cause abnormal addiction. The medication should be taken exactly as prescribed. The patient should let the doctor know right away if he has been taking Notuss PE Liquid and his condition persists, as it can be another serious medical problem that needs to be checked.

  • Notuss PE Liquid Side Effects

    Notuss PE Liquid side effects may occur as the patient's body respond to the medication. The doctor may already be aware about the possible unwanted effects of this medicine, but still prescribe it for its therapeutic benefits. Though many patients taking this medicine do not experience serious Notuss PE Liquid side effects, but if any of the following signs show up, they should inform the doctor immediately:

    • Allergic reactions like rash, itching or swelling of face or mouth
    • Breathing difficulty
    • Changes in mood
    • Constipation
    • Difficulty urinating
    • Dizziness
    • Drowsiness
    • Hallucinations
    • Headache
    • Irregular heartbeat
    • Nausea
    • Nervousness
    • Seizures
    • Tremors
    • Weakness

    The patient should get up slowly from a lying or sitting position to avoid lightheadedness or dizziness. Constipation can be prevented, by including fiber in the diet, plus plenty of water and exercise; or the healthcare professional can suggest of any laxative for softening the stool.

  • Notuss PE Liquid Interactions

    Notuss PE Liquid interactions may occur, which means, it can change the effect of other drugs if simultaneously taken with it, or the other way around. They may also increase the risk of side effects. Notuss PE Liquid interactions can happen when this medication is taken with some herbal products. Here are products that can cause Notuss PE Liquid interactions:

    MAO inhibitors can be dangerous if taken with Notuss PE Liquid. Patients who are under Notuss PE Liquid medication should not take MAO inhibitors two weeks before and after. Notuss PE Liquid interactions may also occur if the patient has or is in any of the following conditions:

    • asthma, emphysema, COPD or other breathing disorder
    • breastfeeding
    • diabetes
    • enlarged prostate
    • ischemic heart disease or reduced blood circulation to the heart
    • pregnancy
    • problems with urination
    • severe hypertension, coronary heart disease
    • thyroid disorder

    This list is not complete. It is most important for patients to tell their doctors what other drugs and products they are taking, or what health conditions they are suffering, before taking the Notuss PE Liquid.