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Nuvail Overview
Drug Name: Nuvail
Generic Name(s): Poly-ureaurethane
Drug Class: N/A
Treats: Nail dystrophy

Nuvail is a nail solution that used for treating symptoms that are associated with nail dystrophy. For example, nail fragility, discoloration and nail splitting in both the intact and damaged nails. Nuvail works by coating and adhering to the surface of the nail thereby preventing direct friction and abrasion on the nails. It also protects the nails from the effects of moisture. This medication will continue working even after application. It protects the nail from effects of environmental factors.

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  • Nuvail Uses

    Nuvail leaves an invisible film that is breathable and elegant when it is applied on the nails. It prevents the nails from being fragile and brittle. This polymer looks fantastic on both men and women alike. Nuvail improves the overall appearance of the nails. It penetrated the nail surface ridges and the intracellular spaces. It also creates a flexible, yet stable molecular structure. It also offers an excellent mechanical support for the nails. Nuvail is designed for managing the nail dystrophy for both damaged and intact nails. This nail solution is only available with a doctors prescription.

    • Nuvail is a distinct nail polymer application that assists in restoring dystrophic or damaged nails
  • Nuvail Dosage

    The dosage for Nuvail will vary depending on the condition of your nail. This nail solution is applied on the affected nails. Nuvail is convenient and easy to use. Individuals can also wear their nail polish on top of this nail solution. This nail solution should never be applied directly on open or deep wounds that are bleeding profusely. The standard Nuvail dosage is: Adult

    • Apply Nuvail on the affected nails at least once every day usually before you go to bed in the evening. Allow this nail solution to completely dry out before you put on pads or clothing. The affected nails should be cleaned with nail polish remover at least once every week.


    • The use, safety and effectiveness of Nuvail in children is not established.
  • Nuvail Side Effects

    Nuvail a nail solution that is applied on the nails to treat damaged nails. Therefore, it can elicit some side effects when applied on the nails. Most of these unwanted side effects will fade away after continued use of Nuvail. If these unwanted effects become bothersome, then you should inform your pharmacist or doctor. Most people will experience temporary stinging, burning and itching at the application site. However, if you encounter any persistent irritation and redness, you should stop using Nuvail.

  • Nuvail Interactions

    Interactions between Nuvail and other drugs is not expected. However, these interactions can occur. Therefore, patients should not use any nail or skin care products before talking with a clinician. Be sure to tell your medical practitioner about any herbs, dietary supplements and non-prescription medications. You should also notify the medical practitioner whether you drink alcohol, smoke or even use any illegal drugs. This is important because some of these products can possibly interact with Nuvail.